Thursday, May 17, 2007

Two Fronts at Once

Working both fronts at the same time isn't as bad as I thought it would be. I have managed to start knitting or purling back across the piece I just worked a couple of times and ended up with once piece about 3 rows longer than the other. The eyelets gave it away because they didn't line up correctly when the pieces where viewed side by side. I knitted on the shorter piece until it was the same length and I'm chugging right along.

After tonight there'll be a temporary knitting slow down. I'm picking up Isaiah after work for the weekend and that means very little free time. We're going to see Jaylon play in a baseball tournament on Saturday and to the Black Expo here in town afterwards. I'm hoping that he'l take a nap when we get back and I can sneak in a little knitting time. Once you get in the groove with a project you kinda hate to put it down.

The greenhouse at work has regular plant sales during the spring and summer. I bought 4 pots each of oregano, parsley and sage, two umbrella plants, a basil plant and some mint for $3.25 last Friday and have yet to plant them. I usually get pepper and tomato plants from them but my tomatoes are already planted and growing like crazy. Isaiah was totally fascinated watching me plant the tomatoes a couple of weeks ago. We're going to get our hands very dirty planting all these goodies in pots.

In case you can't tell this weekend is all about the 'saiah as he likes to call himself.

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