Wednesday, December 22, 2004

In Memoriam

It's been difficult to blog. I've attempted to post several times and just couldn't so I'd like to make this post a memorial to my father who passed on December 1st. Rest in peace daddy.

MSG Billy Morris USA (Retired)
March 7 1937 - December 1, 2004
Interred December 30, 2004 Arlington National Cemetary

Monday, November 15, 2004

Stash Guilt

I've just returned from a stash raiding trip. I call it a trip because my stash doesn't actually reside at my house. I rent a storage unit specifically for the purpose of storing the majority of my hand and machine knitting yarns. It's a 10x10 with boxes and bins of yarn as far as you can see.

Pretty disgusting. And yet I shop for more. The really sad thing is it's not just run of the mill cheapos. Silks, wools, cottons, mohairs and cashmeres reside in the stash. Wonderful blends and textures that make you smile and wonder how someone could make something so beautiful.

I figure that if I hand knit 20 sweaters a year it would still take me 15-20 years to clear the hand knitting stash. Mind you I said sweaters. I rarely purchase less than enough to knit at a minimum a sleeveless sweater. That's why with the exception of some yarns for Xmas gifts I'm on a serious stash reduction diet. Although the truth is I should have checked before I bought those. I've just returned from a Xmas stash raid.

I need a drink, a smoke and some knitting therapy.

Friday, October 22, 2004

Socks on the Way

I've finally made time to start the fluted banister socks using navy Regia plus Cotton. I'm skipping making waves for now. It never ceases to amaze me when I make the simple mistake. They're never the big honking mistakes that you can see a mile away. Just little subtle differences that show up after closer inspection.

I started the socks late last night and only this morning did I realize that I skipped the set up row after the ribbing. Is it a major error? No. The more significant question is, "Is it a major error for me.?" That answer would definitely be yes. After much agonizing and letting go of a little bit more of my perfectionism, I've decided not to change it.

Thursday, October 21, 2004

Easy On The Go - Knitter's Posted by Hello

Shaped Triangle Shawl Posted by Hello

Fiber Trends Pumpkin Hat Posted by Hello

Lace Shawl Collared Sweater from Vogue Knitting magazine. Posted by Hello

Monday, October 11, 2004

SC State Fair - 1st Place Purse & Most Perfect Specimen Knitting Posted by Hello

It's Official!!!

Wow! Didn't realize it's almost been a month since I last blogged. I've been busy knitting and finishing entries for the fair. At long last the wait is over and the results are in. I won "Most Perfect Specimen Knitting" for a modular purse. I thought the shawl would have taken that prize. In addition to winning the big prize, I also won 3 first place and 2 second place ribbons. Woo Hoo!!!

Today I'll be demoing along with several other Palmetto Purlers at the SC State Fair. This is my second year entering and doing the demo. I'll try to get some good pictures to post. Do I feel validated for all the time I spend knitting? You bet!!! Now to get all the Christmas goodies made and finish Master Knitting Level II. Tempest fugit!

Sunday, September 12, 2004

Bottom detail Posted by Hello

Side detail. Posted by Hello

Fair Time

It's almost time for the fair. I've been busy working on projects, especially this one (pics below). The shawl is mom's birthday present and my first lace shawl. I'm in love with lace. I'm working on the lace cardigan from the summer Vogue Knitting in between hurricane watching.

If the pollsters would stop calling I could really get some knitting done. November needs to hurry up.

Closeup of shawl side. Posted by Hello

Shaped Triangle shawl from "A Gathering of Lace". Finished and blocked. Posted by Hello

Saturday, August 28, 2004

Summertime In Cincinnati

I've been busy getting back into the work routine. This was a great time and place to visit. Got to see Bush and Kerry at the VFW National Convention. The weather was great and I was healthy. Aside from sore feet and legs, everything was wonderful.

If you're ever in Cincinnati, be sure to visit the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center. It is absolutely amazing. I only wish I had gone earlier in the day. The displays, information, movies and gift shop with its' wealth of books is more than worth spending the day needed.

The Westin Cincinnati was perfect. At first I called the bed the "Heavenly Bed from Hell". In the Westin, everything is prefixed by the words "Heavenly". We're talking Egytian cotton sheets, down pillows and comforters. Yes, I said comforters!! There are 2 on this fantastic bed. Everything seemed too soft and poofy until I realized how well I was sleeping every night.

I had good intentions. My knitting bag was packed with several projects, but when you're having as much fun as I did you don't have time for a lot of knitting. I did manage to work on my cloverleaf socks and a modular purse. Knitted on the socks during Bush and Kerry. Now it's to the sprint for the fair.

Cincinatti, Ohio

I've had a wonderful time at the Ladies Auxillary of VFW National Convention in Cincinnati, OH. This is view of the city at dusk from Newport on the Levee in Newport, KY just across the Ohio river. Posted by Hello

Monday, August 09, 2004

This Shawl is Killing Me

And here it is. The dreaded error on row 175, with an almost complete border. If it wasn't my mom's birthday present and a state fair entry, I honestly think I would have left it. I've corrected the mistake quickly after frogging the border and rows.Now to get this edging finished again. Posted by Hello

I've been working on my first shawl which is also my first lace project. This is the Shaped Triangle from "A Gathering of Lace". I grossly underestimated the size when I substituted yarns and needles, but it is beautiful. It was almost complete when I made a dreaded discovery. Posted by Hello

Monday, July 12, 2004

Too Much of a Good Thing...

Recently while visiting one of my brothers, my 4 year old nephew asked, "Aunt Beverly, What are you reading?" Before I could answer, his sweet little voice said, "Some knitting." Actually I was reading a cookbook. Does this mean that I knit too much? That everything that I read lately revolves around knitting in some form or fashion? Am I obsessed? I think not!!!

It was "some knitting" that put those cute socks he likes to run around in on his feet. A pair of $12.00 socks at that. It was "some knitting" that made the neat earflap hat he wouldn't take off his head this winter. Maybe I'm just a tad bit peeved. After all, I was caught washing an entire fleece in the tub and his dad said "Some poor sheep is running around freezing." My new name, Linthead, came from this family. It seem that lately I've been covered with lint of some sort from knitting, spinning or spindling. BUT, they all want "something". Not just anything. "Something" knitted. Made with love, chosen with them in mind and custom fitted.

Don't get me wrong. I love the praise and admiration:

Family & Friends (hereto referred to as F&F): Oh goddess of knitting. It's beautiful.
Goddess: It was nothing. Just a little "something" special for you.
F&F: But it must have taken months.
Goddess: No, not at all my child. I'm a fast knitter. It really didn't take much time at all and the yarn was loving stored in my stash. Waiting all this time for the right person.
F&F: What are you going to make me next?
Goddess: Whatever you desire my child.

Who am I? The great fitter, the color magician, the wielder of the golden needles. What am I going to make next? "Something" for me. Me, me, me!!! As soon as I finish with everyone else.

Saturday, July 10, 2004


Back in the day, the Ohio Players had a hit song called "FIRE". No one's got me "burning", but this heat sure does. I thought I was going to get some dyeing done today but it's just too freakin' hot. You know what heat I'm talking about. The kinda heat that takes your breath away. Don't you just love AC. I sure do and to think for 3 years I rode around in my Honda without AC and it didn't bother me a bit. At least not until I bought another car with working AC.

"Easy on the Go" is almost complete. I've posted a pic of the blocking in progress. I love this Idena Cotton Lux. It feels great, knits beautifully and blocks great. One word of caution. It bleeds. Bleeds like a stuck pig. I now have a lovely pair of teal stained bamboo needles. The fading has been reduced significantly by washing, but beware!!!

I'm about halfway through the "Triangle Square Shawl". Mom will be proud. This is turning out to be a great first shawl. Of course I had my doubts when I ended up frogging 3 times, but now. What joy! What bliss! This addled brain does remember things.

It's a Lifetime, Sci-Fi, TLC saturday, so back to the couch and the needles.

What do you do when it's to hot to go outside and you finally have the house to yourself? Block baby, block!!! Posted by Hello

Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Truly amazing. This makes the daily walk worthwhile. Posted by Hello

It's Back!!!!!

Yesterday was gorgeous. Sunny and warm. The perfect summer day. Went to sleep last night after hip-hopping to the BET Awards and what the hell happened?!!!! Rain, rain go away.

The awards were, hmmm. Interesting. Yeah that's it, that's the ticket. Everyone was plugging their own or their label's releases, voting was high on the agenda and Rick James is definitely still the same Rick James. Bi---!!!

I still managed to get some knitting done in the midst of "TV" partying. This weather must be seriously affecting my knitting. I've done more frogging in the past month than in the 25+ years I've been knitting. Started the Triangle Shawl, again. Finally it's starting to look like a lace shawl.

The greatest surprise came when I was plying some corriedale that I'd spun on the Little Gem. Since this was my third attempt at spinning I was expecting it to be as thick and thin as the first two. Voila!!! "I think I've got it. By George I've got." Something that looks more like a mill spun. Don't get me wrong. I've love my spindle spun yarns, some of which are spun quite well, but this... It made my heart jump. There's hope after all.

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

I Wish It Were Raining Men!!!!

We've been inundated with thunderstorms. No! Deluges is the correct word. Although, it does make great weather for knitting and spinning and the flowers are gorgeous.

Ever heard of "the curse of the boyfriend sweater"? I've got the curse of the sock. I've frogged the cloverleaf sock from the Six Sox Knit-Along 3 times. Yes, I said 3. That's not suprising, since I've knitted over a dozen pairs and have yet to make one that actually fits me. In the next life, I want size 7 1/2 feet.

There is some consolation. The lace cardigan from Vogue Knitting - Summer 2004 is turning out beautifully. It's about 2/3 finished. Maybe, just maybe, I'll have it finished in July. Let's see. The back is almost done, shape the left side, knit 2 sleeves. It's possible. Highly possible, but only if I don't start something else.