Saturday, May 12, 2007

Daphne - Back on Track

Due to a number of contributing factors, the major one being the hole that I managed to poke in my index finger and kept re-opening every time I used the Holz & Stein needles, Daphne was not in the suitcase when mom left this morning. I am once again making good progress and am almost ready to start the armhole shaping. Mom will be gone for ten days so I may actually be able to finish this or at least have most of the pieces done by the time she returns.

This Mother's Day feels really strange. It's the first time in my 46 years that I will not see nor have dinner with my mom. I'll talk to her tomorrow by phone but it's still not the same. So to all the mothers everywhere...

Happy Mothers Day!!!


Vera said...

Daphene is going to be beautiful,and it's such a pretty color.

Acornbud said...

Pretty Daphne. Hope your finger feels better soon.