Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Off Schedule

I'm a tad behind my schedule for knitting the Parasol pullover. Some days I haven't knitted at all, very little or focused on the socks that are currently on the needles. My allergies have completely blindsided me this spring. There have been several days of weeping and burning eyes, swelling and constant aggravating nasal drip. We haven't been getting much rain but my nose has been a river.

The back and front of the pullover are complete. I finished the front before I left for the knitting guild meeting last night. Cast on the sleeves at the meeting and finally finished the lace portion this evening and started the rib section. If all goes well I'll finish and block the sweater this weekend. I'm not sure if I'll have enough for both sleeves and my LYS is only open Thurs - Sat until 3:00 pm at the lastet. This means that I'll have to do some marathon knitting tomorrow and Friday in case I need get more yarn. I plan to take this with me when we go to Las Vegas on April 8th, so time is running out.

I cast on another sock! Temptation finally got the best of me and I couldn't resist the Online Supersocke 100 Fun (color 765) that was marinating in the stash since October. The Bearfoot socks are sharing time with Lilac Lace. I'm using the same needles for both socks.

I'm in limbo as to what the next project will be.(Socks do not count.) Lately I've been perusing shawl patterns. Whatever is chosen, it will be another stash project.

*** Yesterday was the 9th week of being smoke-free. ***

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Summertime's Calling Me

If you've every traveled to Myrtle Beach you'll recognize the title as part of the refrain from The Catalina's beach music hit The Summertime's Calling Me. This time of year I expect to find nice spring or summer knits in the seasonal issues of major knitting publications. The current issues of Interweave Knits, to which I've recently subscribed, and Knitter's feature so many sweaters with wool content or cool weather in mind that it verges on the absurd. (I didn't even bother to check Vogue Knitting. I let that subscription lapse last year and I hope they've finally stopped sending me offers. If the model looks like she's suffering from some type of severe orthopaedic disorder, there's got to be something terribly wrong with the fit of the sweater she's wearing.)

We've already had several very high 70's or low 80 degree days in Columbia SC. Wearing a wool sweater or fingerless gloves is the last thing on anyone's mind. After the Fall and Winter sweater blitzes, I look forward to seeing cute and inspirational summer sweaters. Or maybe, just maybe, I've got it wrong.

Should I knit wool sweaters when it's warm so that I can wear them when it gets cold and vice versa? That is so not going to happen. At 40+ and definitely perimenopausal, sitting under the ceiling fan to re-knit the Silver Thaw cardigan quickly lost its' humor. I'd paint you a pretty picture, but believe me it ain't that pretty! In the meantime, the cardigan is on hiatus until I cool down,which is not likely to happen anytime soon, or the ac comes on.

Looks like I'll be pattern busting and stash busting at the same time. Once again, the 'Fickle finger of fate' has conspired to rid me of another addiction. Pattern/book/magazine hoarding. (I was in the lys today for almost 4 hours. No yarn, no books, only a shawl pattern and that was because I had to find something for an exchange.)

When old habits die, they really die hard!!!

I've hit the trifecta. No smoking, yarn stashing or pattern hoarding.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Parasol Progress

I've been making good progress on the Parasol Pullover. The 4 lace repeats are the fun part. Now I'm chugging along on the k1 p3 body section. I'm hoping it doesn't get really boring because the back and front are made alike. My mother is treating "the girls" to a few days in Vegas next month. That means that I have about 3 weeks to get this finished.(It's a little dulled out from the flash and low lamp light.)

There are also 3 very lonely single socks waiting for their mates. Actually, not quite 3. I cast on and started the second foot of the Baby Cables and I'll cast on the Lilac Lace before I turn in tonight.

Late Sunday I asked my brother Charles, receiver of the Maze socks, to try on the completed Baby Cable sock so that I could check the fit. (They're for an older brother who lives out of town.) He wanted to keep them and told me that I should knit another pair for OB. While it warms my heart to know how much he cherishes hand knits, I don't relish the idea of knitting socks that are sizes 12 and 13. I never thought my brothers would ever wear hand knit socks!!!

This has thrown a big wrinkle in my knitting plans. For a brief moment, I thought I was shortening my permanent knitting list when actually I've only removed one person and added two more.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Peri's Parasol

Friday I began my first spring/summer sweater. Normally I don't have a problem knitting with cool weather yarns, but since my internal thermostat changed last year I'm finding it to be most uncomfortable. Sock yarns don't bother me since they are so thin and light. My newest project is Peri's Parasol Pullover from The Pleasures of Knitting.

Late last knit I completed the 4 rows of lace at the bottom and now I'm working on the upper body. The front and back are made alike and the sleeves have one row of the scallop lace detail. I'm using the yarn called for in the pattern, Tahki Cotton Classic.

The socks haven't been abandoned. I completed one foot of the Garter Ribs on Thursday. My goal is to complete the second foot of the Baby Cables and then cast on the second sock for the Lilac Lace and the Garter Ribs. Eventually, I'll clean up some of the older projects from WIP list or frog those that I have no interest in completing.

The stash reduction is going along very slowly.I haven't purchased any more yarn but I did buy Faroese Knitting Patterns by Marilyn van Keppel. It was only $15.00 vs the original $49.00. Little Knits was having a sale on their sock yarns which was tempting but after refreshing my memory ...

This is just a sample. but it illustrates clearly why I can't buy anymore sock yarn!

Monday, March 06, 2006

Stuck on Socks

I've completed one of the sleeve redo's for the Promise of Spring cardigan. There must be some gremlins in the house because I can't find the other one. I've got the rest of the sweater but I searched yesterday and can't find it anywhere. It's definitely in the house somewhere. Look likes I won't get to wear it any way as the weather here in SC has definitely turned springlike. In the meantime, I've cast on another pair of socks.

These are the Garter Ribs from Sensational Knitted Socks. I'm using Mountain Colors Wild Raspberry Bearfoot and size 1 Inox dpn's. My hands have been itching to make socks from this yarn since Oct '05 and I've finally bitten the bullet.

I'm calling this pair Lilac Lace. They are mine own design. They yarn is Froelich Wolle Special Blauband. These are on hiatus while I make the Garter Ribs. My other set of size 1's are in the black Baby Cables. I've got other brands in size 1 but these are the socks I want to work on at the moment.

I usually have one pair of socks in progess at a time, so this is highly unusual. Especially since they all have some type of patterning. What I'm doing is switching between socks and the sweater. A little rotational thing going on here.