Monday, July 12, 2004

Too Much of a Good Thing...

Recently while visiting one of my brothers, my 4 year old nephew asked, "Aunt Beverly, What are you reading?" Before I could answer, his sweet little voice said, "Some knitting." Actually I was reading a cookbook. Does this mean that I knit too much? That everything that I read lately revolves around knitting in some form or fashion? Am I obsessed? I think not!!!

It was "some knitting" that put those cute socks he likes to run around in on his feet. A pair of $12.00 socks at that. It was "some knitting" that made the neat earflap hat he wouldn't take off his head this winter. Maybe I'm just a tad bit peeved. After all, I was caught washing an entire fleece in the tub and his dad said "Some poor sheep is running around freezing." My new name, Linthead, came from this family. It seem that lately I've been covered with lint of some sort from knitting, spinning or spindling. BUT, they all want "something". Not just anything. "Something" knitted. Made with love, chosen with them in mind and custom fitted.

Don't get me wrong. I love the praise and admiration:

Family & Friends (hereto referred to as F&F): Oh goddess of knitting. It's beautiful.
Goddess: It was nothing. Just a little "something" special for you.
F&F: But it must have taken months.
Goddess: No, not at all my child. I'm a fast knitter. It really didn't take much time at all and the yarn was loving stored in my stash. Waiting all this time for the right person.
F&F: What are you going to make me next?
Goddess: Whatever you desire my child.

Who am I? The great fitter, the color magician, the wielder of the golden needles. What am I going to make next? "Something" for me. Me, me, me!!! As soon as I finish with everyone else.

Saturday, July 10, 2004


Back in the day, the Ohio Players had a hit song called "FIRE". No one's got me "burning", but this heat sure does. I thought I was going to get some dyeing done today but it's just too freakin' hot. You know what heat I'm talking about. The kinda heat that takes your breath away. Don't you just love AC. I sure do and to think for 3 years I rode around in my Honda without AC and it didn't bother me a bit. At least not until I bought another car with working AC.

"Easy on the Go" is almost complete. I've posted a pic of the blocking in progress. I love this Idena Cotton Lux. It feels great, knits beautifully and blocks great. One word of caution. It bleeds. Bleeds like a stuck pig. I now have a lovely pair of teal stained bamboo needles. The fading has been reduced significantly by washing, but beware!!!

I'm about halfway through the "Triangle Square Shawl". Mom will be proud. This is turning out to be a great first shawl. Of course I had my doubts when I ended up frogging 3 times, but now. What joy! What bliss! This addled brain does remember things.

It's a Lifetime, Sci-Fi, TLC saturday, so back to the couch and the needles.

What do you do when it's to hot to go outside and you finally have the house to yourself? Block baby, block!!! Posted by Hello