Sunday, September 20, 2009

Legal Scams

I'm finally getting back to blogging after going on a computer-free vacation and resolving DSL issues once I got home. I am often glad that I tend to know more than the average person about computers. I called my service provider's helpdesk to resolve the DSL issue and they ended up wanting to charge me between $99.00 and $249.00, depending on the service plan, to repair the so called problem in my computer. I resolved the problem by re-installing the DSL software. It pisses me off that I pay for the highest speed and they want to charge me when their regular helpdesk can't solve the problem. I can't begin to imagine how many people they have ripped of already.

I'm working on several projects at this time. I still haven't decided on entering the fair. I ordered my entry forms and for some strange reason they sent me a duplicate set. Last year I had planned on entering and it made things much easier because I knitted projects that I was going to enter. This year I've been waffling so much that the time is almost here.

I casted on a sweater for my goddaughter. She won't be able to wear it any time in the near future. It is the Beaded Cardigan from Special Knits by Debbie Bliss. I love all of the designs in this book. This is my third sweater from it and there are a few more designs I would like to make.

I finished the first foot of another pair of Angee socks. These are one of the current pairs in the Sock Innovation Knit-Along. I'm using the Lanett I dyed using the immersion method that was on Monika's blog. I love the way the colors shade from dark to light. I dyed three colorways using this method and I'm so pleased with the way that these are turning out that I'm sure I'll be doing more.

I have a shawl to cast on and maybe one or two other items. I'll be knitting like crazy the next few weeks. With that in mind I plan to do better at documenting and posting my progress. If all goes well I'll have some Christmas presents out of the way.

Have any of you made gloves/fingerless gloves using sock yarn? If so, I'd like to know the pro's and con's as well as some pattern ideas. Thanks for your help.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009


When I looked through the Fall '09 issue of Vogue Knitting I knew I had to buy it. There were several patterns that immediately caught my attention. Two were in the hat section, the Lace Beret and the Vine and Leaf Beret. There are also several hats in this issue that are either very strange or very poorly designed.

The first hat I casted on was the Lace Beret. It is more of hat and less of beret. It lacks much of floppiness that I believe characterizes a beret.

Pattern: Lace Beret from Vogue Knitting Fall 2009
Yarn: Berroco Ultra Alpaca Fine Pea Soup Mix (last two photos show true colors)
Needles: 1 & 2 circular needles and size 2 dpn's
Size: Medium

I enjoyed this pattern. The only problem I had was gapping between each lace section once I started using the dpn's. This usually isn't a problem for me. I tinked several rows and thought I had corrected the problem but there are still two areas that gap after blocking. I also need to tighten the top. It relaxed too much after blocking and there is a hole.
Started: 8/26/2009 and Finished: 8/29/2009

I couldn't resist casting on the Vine and Lace Beret. I'm using Knit Pick's Telemark from the stash. Depending on how this works up I'll probably knit it using the Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino that the pattern calls for. I have several colors in the stash but I wanted to see how this fits before using the "good" stuff.

It is a true beret and I can already see hints of the prerequisite floppiness. I may end up making several of these for Christmas presents. These will be added to the "hat basket" project.

I'm also toying with idea of making fingerless gloves. Personally I don't care for them too much but they seem to popular with the younger crowd. I need to cover my hands completely in cold weather to prevent them from getting stiff and achey.

All of my nieces are below the age of 20 so I think they'll enjoy them. Time permitting I may make matching gloves and hat. I'm not trying to got out on a limb so nothing is written in stone especially since I've already purchased some of my presents. If you have any good hat suggestions let me know in the comments.