Saturday, February 28, 2009

River Rapids

Socks #5 for the year. I really, really enjoyed knitting this pattern. It was easy to memorize and work up.

Pattern: River Rapids by Sockbug
Yarn: Berroco Metallic Sox Durian
Needles: 0 dpn's for ribbing & 1 US dpn's for body of sock
Size: 10
Started: February 15, 2009 Finished: February 28, 2009

I would knit this pattern again in a heartbeat. I'm not so sure about the Berroco Sox. I found it to be very splitty and had to make stitch adjustments numerous times. I do like the color and patterning.

I've casted on pair #6 with Red Heart Heart and Sole with Aloe and I love the way it feels. I'm going to work the Welt Fantastic from SKS. It is written to take advantage of self-striping yarns.

The weather forecast for tomorrow evening calls for 3"-5" of snow possibly more. I hope it does come through. I would love to have an extra day to knit and have the fire going. It is unusual for us to get snow period and even more unusual for this time of year. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

There's a hole, there's a hole

I haven't ridden a bike in years but this weekend I was spinning my wheels so to speak. I knitted one sweater sleeve almost 3 times. Each failure was due to operator error.

The first time I didn't bother to swatch and was more then 2/3's through when I realized the sizing wasn't right for the stage I was approaching. The second time gauge was right but I forgot to start the ribbing on a smaller size needle. I finally succeeded on the third try. I made the sleeve longer and now it looks that I may have made it too long and thus there's the possibility of more frogging.

I was straightening up in the craft room and came across the Koolhass hat and a knitters worst nightmare. A hole!

Some critter had eaten a hole in my hat. An unrepairable hole. I've haven't been able to locate any critters nor damage to any other goods so I'm hoping this is an isolated incident.

That wasn't the only hole I found. I put on my Cherry Tree Hill Champlain Sunset socks after taking them out of the dryer and felt a draft in the heel. There is a hole. A big ass hole in the heel!!!

I haven't committed myself to repairing it just yet. I'm hoping it will be easy to graft it with some of the leftover yarn I have. This is only the second sock I've knitted that has developed a hole. The first one was in the toe of a pair of mom's socks and it was so bad that I had to reknit the entire toe. This should be a lot simpler but it's also the reason I am hesitant to get rid of my leftovers.

I also came across my oldest ufo in the craft room this past weekend. The Diagonal Kimono from Jamieson's Shetland Knitting Book. I no longer remember when I started this particular project.

I do know the back was knitted first and the left front was done in a different year. The right front has been started. It's the endless rows of garter stitch that drive me crazy in this project. I'm doing everything in my power to convince myself to finish it this year. I think mom has been waiting plenty long enough and I can get my behind in gear and get this thing finished.

Friday, February 20, 2009


I read somewhere that one of the pitfalls of modern-day society is that we have too many choices. From restaurant menus to clothing to groceries. This is definitely true when it comes to my yarn stash and patterns.

Most of the time I agonize over what I'm going to make or which yarn I'll use. There have been instances when I've gone to the store and bought more to prevent having to confront it. Today I thought I'd actually see how many pairs of socks I could knit from stash yarn.


Yes that is 1-5-9 pairs and that doesn't include several odd skeins. It is shocking and embarrassing. Four of the skeins are purchases from the recent Knit Inn in Greenville. When I go to a yarn shop for the first time I tend to buy sock yarn with the premise that it doesn't take up much room and I'll get a pair made. Boy have I been living in La-la land.

If I knitted a pair a month it would take me over 13 years to knit most of what I currently have. The sad thing is that it doesn't preclude me from purchasing more. I would love to try the elusive Wollmeise, Claudia's Handpainted, and Sweet Georgia just to name a few.

Even though I don't make and haven't made any resolutions for this year, I can tell what the theme will be...


Self control and self restraint. Making the most of what you already have. No promises, no guarantees just a concerted effort.

The transformation of Viveca has begun in earnest.

I decided to knit directly from one sleeve to the other.

It will all even out in the soaking.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

To the Frog Pond

Sometimes you work on something and it just doesn't seem right. So is the case with Viveca. I completed the second sleeve and they both feel stiff and boardlike. I subbed the Debbie Bliss Merino Aran for the Silky Cashmere which appears to have been discontinued since it's no longer listed on the Knitting Fever website. I'm switching gears and will make something that's been on my radar, Cassidy. The Merino Aran is listed as one of the subs so I'm expecting smooth sailing. With 23 skeins on hand there is more than enough yardage even if I need to do the usual sleeve lengthening.

I also purchased Twist. This will be another stash buster. Other than the Kauni and some KnitPicks yarn purchased to fill out an order, I'm going to seriously try to limit purchases and crank out more socks and sweaters this year. My goal is to knit at least one pair of socks each month. The sweater goal is not as lofty. If I can get one done each 6-8 weeks I'll be happy and that includes finishing some UFO's that have been hanging around way too long.

I've been working on losing weight and was pleasantly surprised when I was able to get into a pair of jeans my sister bought me. I'm back to following my meal plan, cutting out the snacks and walking. I feel great and so far have lost about 10 pounds. It makes me a little unsure as to what size I need to make but that's a small consideration when compared to getting your health get back.

Off to the frog pong I go.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Love is in the Air

I'm in love...

with River Rapids.

This 16-row pattern meanders up the sock leg like a river. It has just enough changes to keep you interested while at the same time being easy to read and memorize. I've said before that I don't knit the same pattern twice, but I can see this one coming into play again.

If you haven't before, check out the patterns at Sockbug. They are beautiful and free.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Cleaning Up

The craft room is in disarray and was slowly becoming the catch all room for all sorts of things. While cleaning and straightening up today I came across a hat. It's the Windward by Woolly Wormhead.

Pattern: Windward from Going Straight - A New Generation of Knitted Hats
Yarn: Queensland Collection Kathmandu DK
Needles: 5 US Colonial Rosewood
Dates: Unknown, didn't track.

Progress is proceeding quite well on the Melon Shawl. I had to get a shorter addi Lace. I was knitting with a 47" which was way to long and picked up a 32" today. The pattern is very easy to memorize and works up quickly. The Kidsilk Night should make a beautiful and elegant shawl.

If you get a chance check out Wee Woolly Toppers. The patterns are adorable and perfect for little ones.

Sunday, February 15, 2009


Saturday I finished the first pair of Noro Kureyon socks. I'm not sure that they'll last very long. The thin spots are really thin and in other spots super thick. I still have yet to block them which should even them out even more. The colors are a little funky but mom likes them. I'm sure she has just the right outfit for them.

Pattern: Generic Toe-Up with short-row heel
Yarn: Noro Kureyon Sock color S184
Needles: 0 dpn's for ribbing & 1 US dpn's & addi 4" circular for magic loop
Size: 10
Started: February 1, 2009 Finished: February 14, 2009

I purchased this lone skein of Berroco Sox Metallic at the Greenville Knit Inn. I'm making a pair of River Rapid Socks for mom.

In addtion to the socks and the Viveca cardigan I've also cast-on the Melon Pattern for a Shawl from Victorian Lace Today. I originally started this project last summer but for some reason I found the Kidsilk Night difficult to knit. It is a gift for a neighbor who grew up with us and turned 50 last August. I've been avoiding the project and casted-on last night. Whatever difficulties I have had are now resolved and I've completed almost 10 rows on it. At the current rate I should have it finished pretty soon and on its' way to Alabama.

My knitting mojo has returned in full force and I've been knitting almost every day. I have several projects that I would really like to accomplish this year some of which are quite challenging and at this rate I may be able to complete most if not all them.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Lost Along the Way

Some how I never posted the pictures of these two fo's. I finished both last month and they probably got lost in the shuffle of attempting to get things organized.

Pattern: Generic Toe-Up with short-row heel
Yarn: Mountain Colors Bearfoot Ruby River
Needles: 2 US dpn's
Size: 10
Started: January 18, 2009 Finished: January 31, 2009

Pattern: Bluebell Ribs from Sensational Knitted Sockd
Yarn: Plymouth Happy Feet
Needles: 1 US dpn's
Size: 9.5
Started: July 6, 2008 Finished: January 16, 2009

Monday, February 09, 2009

Knit Inn

WooHoo! I had a great time at the SC Knitting Guild's annual Knit Inn in Greenville, SC. Even though I didn't get in any of my classes I had a great time hanging out with knitting friends from previous years and making new friends. There was close to 200 women in attendance including Lynn from Minnesota who used to live in Columbia. I got to hang out with knit buds Lou and Lori from the Rock Hill area, saw Teresa aka Yargineer with her sweet little man, Deborah and Gail and a host of other knitters.

In the evenings we went to dinner with little bro' Byron and I must recommend City Range. The food was delicious and the service quick and excellent. We also hit PF Changs a usual stop for us on the knitting weekend.

I didn't make many purchases this year. I bought sock yarn and one beaded scarf kit from the vendors on site, Yes Yarn and Northwood Fiber and Farm. I was looking forward to purchasing some hand-dyedfrom Teri at Northwood, but sadly she didn't have any available.

I finished two sweaters. I finally got the buttons sewn on Mr. Greenjeans.

Pattern: Mr. Greenjeans by Amy Swenson - Knitty Fall 2007
Yarn: Noro Silver Thaw 12
Needles: 7 & 8 Holtz & Stein circulars
Size: Large
Started: November 22, 2008 Finished: February 6, 2009

I made the sweater much longer than the pattern called for. I also extended the buttons a little further above the vee since the placement wasn't all that flattering on me and made the sleeves long. The sweater was finished for almost a full 2 months before I ordered the woolwash and blocked it. I've worn it and it is very warm and comfortable.

Seamed the Belted Wrap Jacket.

Pattern: Belted Wrap Jacket by Shirley Paden - Interweave Knits Winter 2005
Yarn: Tebe Extrafine Merino by Filati Italian Collection
Needles: 6 & 7 Holtz & Stein circulars
Size: XL
Started: November 2007 Finished: February 7, 2009

I completed the back in November '07 and it rested until October '08. I had all the pieces completed in November '08 and didn't pick it up again until I blocked it the end of January '09. It was a pleasure to knit and I plan to make it again in a cranberry color using the same yarn.

I also started knitting one of the Kureyon sock skeins. I'm knitting a pair of plain toe-up socks for mom. The colors are a little funky but I'm going to match them as much as I can. My original plan was to knit it as it was skeined until I realized that I could match most of the repeats. I have enough to match the foot and leg but not the ribbing which will be hidden anyway.

There was a big surprise waiting for me when I got home today.

I ordered some Kauni and undyed Trekking from Astrid's Dutch Obsessions on Jan. 30th. I was expecting it to take a few weeks and the package arrived today. I'm waiting on a shipment of the Rainbow Kauni from a stateside store. It's currently backordered but when it arrives I'll be making the famous Kauni sweater in the rainbow and/or the pastel I ordered from Astrid.

I recently subscribed to Knitcircus magazine after seeing the Rosepole design by Elizabeth Morrison in Kauni Effektgarn. The jury is out as to which color I'll use. So big plans ahead with lots of finer gauge knitting. In the meantime I'll be finishing and clearing out other projects to make room for the new stash.