Monday, December 01, 2008

Sweater Work

Hope that everyone had a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday. We had a great time here at Chez Morris. The only person missing was my youngest brother who had to work for the first time on Thanksgiving. We all missed him. Mom and I spent the day cooking and the food was wonderful even if I must say so myself.

This is one of the few holidays when all five kids are home. Almost all the nieces and nephews were at the house. It was the usual family fun; eating, games and more eating.

I started on Mr Greenjeans last weekend. This color of Silver Thaw photographs with a lot of blue, but in person the colors are a lot different. The blue isn't as prominent and the shade of blue is different. The greys and purple show up as well as the yellow and hint of green. I didn't like the colors at all at first but they have begun to grow on me.

I've finished the body and most of the first sleeve over the long weekend. The sleeve is a little snug. I'm knitting the large as I think the 1X would be a little large. I'll have to see how it fits over this belly I've acquired over the past several months.

For the first time I haven't committed to any Christmas knitting. I have two scarf and hat sets that I would like to make for family friends who will be in the area during the holidays. I'm still searching through stitch dictionaries and patterns. I haven't set a time frame so that if they are done I'll just stick them in the mail. It feels great not to have that pressure even if I did enjoy making the gifts. I usually find the holiday season to be stressful, but this year I'm relaxed, most of the shopping is done and the plans are made.

I'm still practicing project monogamy. This sweater will be completed before I cast on the next project. There are several wips in the basket that were started way prior to this but I'm just not in the mood to tackle them. I'd like to get some cold weather knitting under my belt before I go back to them.

The next sweater will probably be a Noro sweater for mom. I'd like to get the new Noro purchases knitted up in case I need to purchase more. Since they are clearance yarns I'd be hard pressed to locate more if they go to marinate in the stash. It'll be a cardigan for sure.