Thursday, May 31, 2007



Pattern: Laburnum
Yarn: Brown Sheep Nature Spun Sport
Needles: Size 2 US Inox dpn's
Size: Women's size 9 1/2
Started: February 5, 2007 Finished: May 31, 2007

Twisted German Cast-On over 72 stitches with Eye of Partridge heel and grafted toe.

Blocking and awaiting buttons purchased today.

I took the Bosworth Midi I bought at SAFF for spin with the Mojave merino purchased the same day. It was fun to be spindling again and the roving is making a lovely yarn but I'm am paying for it with the neck, shoulder and arm flaring up. This may turn out to be a definite no-no and I'm so not looking forward to getting rid of my spindles and wheel.


Monika said...

The socks are lovely and so is the top! That would be so sad if you couldn't continue spinning. I just got a taste of it, and I want more. But with spindle spinning, my shoulder/arm hurt too. I just have to don't overdo it. It looks great, what you have done so far. Very thin, the roving is a wonderful color. What kind of spinning wheel do you have?

kathy b said...

Oh Bev

The socks are truly wonderful. Looks intricate and difficult. DOn't be modest. They look hard!
Love the knitted top TOO!

Spinning is also admirable. You inpsire me

Kim in Oregon said...

Beautiful socks! I'm of to find that pattern sounds familiar but maybe it is a flower or something?