Monday, November 15, 2004

Stash Guilt

I've just returned from a stash raiding trip. I call it a trip because my stash doesn't actually reside at my house. I rent a storage unit specifically for the purpose of storing the majority of my hand and machine knitting yarns. It's a 10x10 with boxes and bins of yarn as far as you can see.

Pretty disgusting. And yet I shop for more. The really sad thing is it's not just run of the mill cheapos. Silks, wools, cottons, mohairs and cashmeres reside in the stash. Wonderful blends and textures that make you smile and wonder how someone could make something so beautiful.

I figure that if I hand knit 20 sweaters a year it would still take me 15-20 years to clear the hand knitting stash. Mind you I said sweaters. I rarely purchase less than enough to knit at a minimum a sleeveless sweater. That's why with the exception of some yarns for Xmas gifts I'm on a serious stash reduction diet. Although the truth is I should have checked before I bought those. I've just returned from a Xmas stash raid.

I need a drink, a smoke and some knitting therapy.