Friday, February 16, 2007

Sockploration - Adventures in Sock Knitting

Last year I began a "Sockploration", a term coined for the ongoing exploration of the methods used in sock making including but not limited to cast-ons, turning heels, knitting toes and whatever other interesting little tidbits are discovered along the way. It all started with a fascination with toe-up socks and a quest for the "perfect" fitting sock. To date I've learned the following methods:

1. Short-row yarnover method (Toddler Ringel Color Socks)
2. Short-row no wrap (Isaiah's Ribbed Socks)
3. Toe-Up Heel Flap
4. Round Heel
5. Gussetted short-row heel (PP Knit-In Socks)

Heel Flaps
1. Stockinette
2. Slip Stitch
3. Eye of Partridge (Laburnum)

Cast-On Toe-Up
1. Figure-Eight
2. Magic Cast-On (Raked Leaves)
3. Easy Toe (Champlain Sunset)

Cast-On Top-Down
1. Longtail Cast-On
2. Twisted German (English)Cast-On - (Laburnum)
3. Combination (English & Longtail)

1. 4/5 Dpn's - This is my favorite and first method I learned.
2. 1 and 2 Socks on 2 Circulars(PP Knit-In Socks)
3. Magic Loop (Chevron Socks)- Judgement reserved until I finish the first pair
of socks using this method.

Further complicating my current sock obsession is the increasing number of sock singles accumlating on the sidebar. The "Sockploration" class begins Tuesday and I still have one more pattern to test before I can make these socks happy couples and do more "sockploring."

**Edited 2/17/07: The Sockploration class begins next Tuesday. Thanks Calvin for the reminder. I can slow the pace down a little.


Vera H. said...

Your Sockploration class is going to be great!

Rebecca said...

What a neat idea! I should make a detailed list for myself...