Monday, February 19, 2007


Every now and then you need a quickie.


Pattern: Sport Fit Beanie - Knit Great Basics
Yarn: Idena Villmark in Navy, Idena Juvel Variegated #997
Needles: 4 & 6 US Inox circular
Size: Small 18"
Started: February 8, 2006 Finished: February 8, 2006

The beanie started out as a hat for Isaiah. Even though his head is on the large side it's not as big as the hat. It fits me perfectly. Tomorrow I'll gift it to my soon to be baseball playing nephew, Jaylon, which means I'll have to make at least two more. Another for Isaiah and one for Jaylon's older brother Darius.

I had planned to make a hat and matching pullover or cardigan and I'm very pleased with the colors I chose. My original plan was to do a Fair Isle color but the blues blended completely and opted for stripes. These colors are great together so stripes it will be.


Donna said...

I like the hat. The colors work so well. You know, I enjoy knitting hats but never wear them...

Acornbud said...

Can't beat a had for instant gratification. It looks really great with the multicolor stripe.

kathy b said...


The beanie is wonderful. I just love the colors. As for the sweater issues with daughter Allison is knitting it. She is a good knitter, very good. She works at our LYS. She had lots of frustration with the neck piece. She had to make it much longer to get the fit. I THINK she is nearing the finish. The rest of the sweater gave her no problems. We'll post about it soon.