Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Happy, happy day

It was a very slow knitting weekend. There was way too much entertainment in the house.

How can you knit when you're surrounded by such sweetness!

Sunday evening I started a sock for Isaiah. This boy has some huge legs, so I've knitted my first shaped sock. The pattern is a basic 2x2 rib with a Twisted German (English) Cast-On and no-wrap short-row heel (another new technique learned). I'm not sure about the size even though he was very patient when I measured him, therefore the little green sock chimney. His hoodie is about 2 sizes too big and headed for the frog pile.

Isaiah's Rib and Laburnum from SKS

These socks are samples for the sock class that starts Monday. I'm working a couple more to try some of the techniques I'll be teaching. If you haven't tried the Combination Cast-On check it out. It's the Longtail & English Cast-On alternated and works fantasticly with ribbing. No purl bumps on your knit stitches.

This picture was taken earlier this evening before I attached the sleeves to the body. Carnival is now on its way to becoming a raglan cardigan. Mom tried it on and it looks like the fit is dead on. I'm itching to get this finished after putting it aside for over a week.

Things are going to be very sock heavy around for a while or at least until I've finished a sample of every technique for the "Sockploration".


Vera H. said...

Looks like you have many projects. For socks, I mostly stick to the long-tail cast on. I should try to learn more.

Donna said...

oh my gosh, what a cutie!