Wednesday, February 28, 2007


The start of the sock class was a success. So much so that I ran out of materials. Yesterday's meeting had to have been one of the largest non-election meetings we've ever had. It's great to see the guild growing and expanding, and adding new members of all ages. You could almost touch the energy, excitement and enthusiam in the meeting last night.

Tonight I'm puzzling over my next project and taking a knitting break. It's beginning to warm up on a consistent basis during the day which means I can break out some warm weather yarns.

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Monika said...

Thanks for leaving a comment about the rainbow colorway. It helps to know that others had the same problem, well it doesn't help, but I don't fell I'd done something wrong. Anyway, I'm glad I heard from you, sometimes it's like talking to oneself. ;o)
I'll be back (no kidding, when I say it, it does sound like Arnold). ;o)