Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Brick House

Done, finis, finito. We have enough bricks to build a pit, pathways and who knows what else. The bricks pretty much match the house under the dark coating that's on them so we're hoping that most of comes off when they wash them.

The back yard is a jungle and a trash bin. There isn't any room to haul in one of those huge trash bins to pile everything in. They still have steps and a deck to build and painting before the exterior is complete.

Next month I take over the duties of president of the Palmetto Purlers Knitting Guild. It looks to be a challenging, but interesting year. Today I've been working on getting organized for the September meeting and going through the embarassing door prize bins.

Not much knitting today. I am not making very good friends with "her nuppiness" also known as Swallowtail. Note to self: Do not knit nupps with a Holz & Stein, between the fear of breakage and aggravation the fun is over. It will be finished this weekend.


Vera said...

What kind of things are in the embarrasing door prize bin?

Anonymous said...

The house looks great !!

Did you tell us what the addition is for?