Saturday, May 27, 2006

Sock Mania

At the knitting guild meeting on Tuesday, we were informed that the Hook N Needle, our only lys, was going to have sock yarn on sale this week. They had 3 baskets of marked down sock yarn which I couldn't resist. The 100 gm skeins were $5.00 and the 50 gm skeins were $3.50.

Shortly after I arrived home the Sundara sock yarn was delivered by the mail man. Mom chose the green for socks to go with a sweater she has.

Sock Haul:

8 skeins ONline Supersocke Fun (1 each for mom and me)
2 skeins Regia 4fadig Jacquard Color
2 skeins Regia Multi Effekt Color
2 skeins Opal Regenwald
3 skeins Socka 50
6 skeins Sundara Sock Yarn

It's taken me few days to get my knitting rhythm with the River stole. I would get a few rows completed and realize something was off, rip and re-knit. Things are on track now and this is will be my at home knitting project. The planned finish date is the end of June. The River Lace II chart is the main body of the stole and repeats 28 times over 16 rows. I need to knit at least 1 repeat per day.

The Rachel cardigan is as mindless as the socks. The sweater is a modified drop shoulder and I'm almost ready to work the armholes for the back. Temperatures have started hitting the 90's and this will make a nice cardigan to wear in the evening if the temp gets a little cooler.


Vera said...

Great yarn haul!!!

Donna said...

Nice sock yarn there! I have a ton of it, many skeins thanks to Maureen's sale bins! :)

You commented that there is no Ren Fest near you. We drove over 2 hours to get to the one we attended. The closest to you is in Charlotte and is held Oct/Nov.

kathy b said...

Well Im a Jayon fan for sure. Can he manage my pathetic CUBS better than Dusty Baker. I'll bet he can!

Your stash looks wonderful.....its got me jealous...

Theresa said...

My hat is off to you and your sock knitting. I'm beginning to despise anything that requires a "set"! I'm loving this hot weather, how about you? Just don't ask me in August how I like it!