Thursday, May 04, 2006

A Rose is a Rose

Our roses have been around for years. They aren't pretty bushes lovingly doted on and pruned. Most of the time they look spindly and almost dead until the buds open.

Hidden Places

Last week was a stash reduction failure. I ordered the Sundara sock yarn and Saturday I bought sale yarn in three different colors to make boleros for the nieces. It's funny that I can resist purchasing yarn for myself when I'm in the LYS, but the moment I see yarn that I like for the kids all my resistance breaks down.

Saturday I also bought a set of German knitting libraries and a sale copy of Knitting Languages. A couple of weeks ago I purchased Omas Strickgeheimnisse another German knitting library which came with translation sheet and unfortunately the set didn't. Today at lunch I translated some of the symbols from one of the volumes until I got stuck on the last symbol, "R".

This weekend I'll start back on the TKGA Master Knitting Level II and work on designing a vest with stitch patterns from these books. I like the look of the twisted stitches and I've completed more than half of the other requirements. My only fear has been the designing part which I failed miserably on the Promise of Spring cardigan. I realize that unless I overcome that fear I'll always be stuck depending on someone else's designs.

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Kathy said...


THe roses are incredible. THe color is so sincere. What glorious things these fleeting roses. Are they climbers?

You can design....I know you can!