Thursday, May 11, 2006

They Framed Me (Almost)

It's interesting to note the things you can knit for children. Not just the things you can knit, but the colors you can use. When I saw the Moira Multi in the shop it screamed my nieces names. I got out my bag of completed Level II swatches, took most of the wool yarns that were still in the house to storage and brought back some nice cotton yarn for warm weather knitting.

Well the past few days have been a little cooler and I still haven't dug out the Master Knitting instructions. I worked on the blacks socks but one solitary neon green skein was peaking at me. It was the skein of yarn I bought to trim one of the boleros. Major de-focusing in ensued and there's a little bolero to show for it. I thought it would be cute for my 3-year old niece to wear on cool summer nights but it's more like a jacket for the little one. I'm putting in the Xmas pile and for the first time I have a head start on the holidays.

With all the talk of running out of yarn on the last 2 projects, I must have jinxed myself. I ran out of yarn on the second sleeve cuff. I still haven't gotten around to re-casting on (re-caston, re-cast-on) the sleeve for Gisha. Me thinks it's going to be a sleeveless shell.

Molly - Debbie Bliss Junior Knits

Today I came home to 2 wonderful surprises.
1: The orange Asiatic lilies that I've been watching for a week bloomed while I was at work today.

2: They started the framing. The room sticking out in the photo is the craft room. I'm excited to have a place to play!

And last but not least, delicate and petite Stella d'Oro lilies.


Donna said...

Oh, I love the Stellas! We don't have any of those.

You are going to enjoy that craft room. Does this mean the mini storage of yarn is going away?

Kathy said...

Oh MOLLY is wonderful. THe colors outstanding! Your lilies are so beautfiul Bev.