Tuesday, May 16, 2006


It's so-o-o-o cute. I've got two more of these to make and the nieces have unknowingly given me the go ahead.



Yarn: FFF Moira Multi, 3 1/2 skeins for body, Sirdar Country Style DK , 1 and
several yards of a 2nd skein, knitted doubled for ribbing .
Needles: 8 US for body and 7 US for ribbing.
Size: I used the size 3-4 pattern. Moira is a chunky weight yarn and the actual
size of the bolero is closer to size 4-5.
Modifications: I didn't short-row the ribbing on the body. The short-rows made the
ribbing around the neck wider creating more of a stand-up color look.
Started: 5/9/2006 Completed: 5/13/2006

Knitting the bolero was a welcome break. Just the right easy and quick knit to get me past the knitting speed bump. I've started on a white lacey jacket in Berroco Linet from the stash. The pattern is Rachel from their website. Mom was supposed to make this but after weeks of watching it sit in her knitting bag I knew it wasn't going to happen.

I've been mapping out the craft room. I'm trying to plan the placements so it won't be so much confusion when the time comes to move in. Yesterday I went through a trunk of counted cross stitch and realized that I have always had "startitis". One of the unfinished projects is a Sixteenth Century Old World Map. Even though it has a few stains on it, so did several other pieces, I'm going to finish it. This is one of the oldest FO's of any kind that I have and a really late Xmas present.

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