Sunday, November 29, 2009


The first major fall Holiday has passed and it was great! I enjoy spending time with my nieces and nephews since we don't see each other as much as we used to. Several of them are on the way to adulthood and usually have other things to do in their free time.

My youngest brother surprised us on Thursday. His plant was scheduled to work the night shift but at the last minute they cancelled and gave them the day off. That meant that all five of us were together.

Even with the number of people we had for dinner and the take-out plates that were packed, there were plenty of leftovers. I've been plowing my way through them since Friday and Byron, baby bro, took some home with him today. My sister also prepared a package for my niece who's on her way back to Clemson.

I didn't do any Black Friday sales. Never have and probably never will. There's something about getting out in the crowd that doesn't appeal to me. I had already found my best deal prior to that...

A Canon Digital SLR. It's a very early present for my 50th birthday in September next year. I've been reading the operation manual and playing around with it. One of my guild members, Kim, has agreed to give me some lessons.

I reached the halfway mark with the Xmas presents for my brothers. All of the Mars hats are finished and I've started the first scarf. I also completed 3 more bracelets two of which mom has taken on her cruise. She is enjoying wearing them and I can't blame her. They are gorgeous and I'm glad I decided to make them for gifts. These are two of the most recent ones.

This evening I started on the beaded Xmas ornaments. For some reason I didn't make any last year. I usually try to make at least four of them for the color scheme that is used that year.

Christmas Joy

Holiday Greetings

I plan on making a few more for the themed tree and the traditional tree in addition to the ones I plan to make for my brother Charles and his family. I farther ahead than I've ever been in my Xmas knitting so I don't feel the pressure that I have in the past when I've knitted for Xmas. It's going to be a wonderful, thankful, joyous and relaxed holiday season.


Vera said...

Beautiful bracelets and ornaments.

Acornbud said...

Very pretty!

Melodye said...

Everything is gorgeous. I'll have to look for the ornament patterns. I have loads of crocheted ones,but never thought of doing knitted ones. Duh.

kathy b said...

Amazing bracelets. Good for you to be so ahead in your gift knitting. I am sure it will lend itself to a enjoyable approach to Christmas! Love the ornaments as well.