Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Phews (as in Nephews)

While there has been a lack of activity on this blog there hasn't been a lack of knitting at home. I've been making Xmas presents and spending time with my two favorite boys, Jaylon and Isaiah.

Once a month I get them for the weekend. We've been to the movies, the zoo and have had fun playing games, drawing and doing other things kids like to do. It has added another dimension to my life and theirs and made me realize even more how much I love them.

They fed the Lories and Lorikeets at the zoo and loved it!

I finished the Bead Soup bracelet kits and was hooked so I created my own. With the exception of the black and the blue bracelets, I'll be giving them as gifts. I still have three or four more to string and knit before I'm finished.

I cast on a Noro Jacket for mom. It is design 15 from Noro: Collection Jenny Watson Book 3. There are several designs I plan to make from this book but this is the one that struck me as a great gift for mom. I'm making some length adjustments so that it won't be as short.

I'm almost finished with the Knotty Gloves. They've been languishing for a while with only the ring, pinky and index fingers left to be knitted. This is on my agenda for tomorrow. I also cast on a pair of fingerless gloves for mom using some of the leftover Knit Picks Telemark from the Vine and Lace Beret. They are Green Thumb from Mooseknits.

I'm making the Mars Hat and Scarf from Twist Collective. I subbed Berroco Ultra Alpaca for the original yarn. I've completed one of the hats and it is perfect. A nice warm and tight but not tonight fitting beanie. I think the brothers will love these for the few cold days that we do have.

So while things may be a little slow right now there's lots to come.


Acornbud said...

You've been busy in a fun way! Love the Noro.

Kathy said...

HOw wonderful that they can hold the birds. I love the bracelets. Nice progress on Noro. Those colors always blend in perfection to my eye!