Tuesday, December 01, 2009


I've been diligently working on the first Mars scarf. The shaping and construction is far from normal and consists of two ribbed panels that are picked up along a central strip. One of the panels is shaped to form a collar that fits snug around the neck. It is this design feature that drew me to the pattern.

The 8-row repeat works up fairly quick but it is still taking a good bit of time to knit the 45+ inch center. I'm hoping that I can get all three completed before Xmas and finish the sweater for mom, although I've already decided that if push comes to shove I'll give them the hats and they'll get the scarves later. I put mom's gift on hold last year and she didn't get it until well after Xmas so it wouldn't be fair to have her wait again.

My favorite plant, the Holiday Cactus, is blooming like crazy this year. We left it outside longer which allowed the plant to set almost 3 times as many buds. I've been practicing using the macro setting on the new camera to capture close shots.

The next thing I'm going to work on is re-organizing the craft room. It is in such disarray that I almost hate to go in there. I have maxed out all of the storage space in the room and with all the additional yarn and book purchases I made this year stuff is everywhere. I'm not into resolutions but I have to make a serious committment to use what I have. Wish me luck!


Monika said...

Wow- your plant really blooms wonderfully! I have one too, but so far - nothing, not a single bloom.
I always underestimate scarves. They always take longer than I thought they would, same thing with shawls. Good luck with completing everything on time!

Melodye said...

I can't believe you filled that room already! I remember when you finished it and all the space you had. V VBG Just take your time, it will get done. TTYL