Tuesday, June 02, 2009

C is for Cookie

Yesterday I started my fourth pair of Cookie A socks. The Sunshine pattern from Sock Innovation. I'm using the Trekking Undyed that I dyed Cornflower. This color has called me from when it first came out of the dye pot. I may end up giving these socks to mom as the leg seems a little big on me. She has you increase to 80 stitches when doing the pattern and that may just be a tad too much for me.

The Sock Innovation knit-along is also planning to knit the Nebula. It is a new pattern available on her website. I was planning to use the Dream In Color Smooshy I purchased at Stitches South but it turned out to be a tangled mess. I had undone a knot in the skein thinking it was where it was tied and the trouble began. One large beautiful skein turned into 3 smaller yarn cakes. I was disappointed to say the least.

I've narrowed my shawl selection down to two. Both are Galina Khmeleva designs. The first choice is the Triangular/Warm scarf which I purchased as a kit at the TKGA convention in Atlanta a few years ago. The second choice is Olga's Indiski (Indian) Shawl which is on the cover of the current issue of Piecework. I saw this shawl at Stitches South and purchased the magazine before it was distributed. If I select this pattern I'll use some of the 50/50 Merino Silk I purchased from Skaska at the same time.

I'm still playing around with the dye pot. I tried the yarn cake dyeing technique used by Monica. I wound the cakes too loose and they fell apart in the pot. I also added two skeins that were still in their original form and had some fun results. I've overdyed some of the skeins and am waiting for them to dry.

I went to In the Loop to find yarn for the Nebula socks. I didn't find anything that caught my eye so this evening I am dyeing two 400 yard hanks Canteloupe. The large size of this pattern takes 500 yards! I may have to tone the color down some when I check it in the morning but for now it's looking good. This dyeing thing is getting in my blood. That's all for now, check you later.

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Monika said...

The Nebula sock pattern is gorgeous! If I hadn't so much yarn to knit with, I would dye more often. It is great fun. Looking forward to see yours.