Friday, June 05, 2009

Odds and Ends

I skeined the last yarns from Monday's dyeing session. I tried the yarn cake method but my cakes were a little too loose and fell apart in the dye bath. I used a Slate Blue dye bath to dye two yarn cakes and two skeins. I'm pleased with the results obtained. Two of the skeins I overdyed, one with red and the other with yellow. The cake dyed with red has shades of red, purple and blue reminding me of berries. The skein dyed with yellow turned various shades of green from deep almost black green to a lighter almost green yellow like the colors found in a deciduous forest. One of the blue cakes wasn't overdyed and reminds me of acid wash jeans.

From left to right: Deciduous Forest, Berrylicious and Acid Wash

I dyed two more skeins of the Kona Superwash Merino a vibrant orange color named Cantaloupe. I'll use this for the Nebula socks. The color isn't shaded as it appears in the picture it is pretty much a solid orange.

The Sunshine socks are coming along well. It didn't take long to develop a rhythm with this pattern. The repeat is very easy to remember and execute. I think the ribbing is too narrow for mom's big calves. I've lengthened the leg by one repeat and will be keeping an eye on the amount of yarn I have left.

And as always at this time of year I leave you with a little beauty from the yard.

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cici said...

You go girl.. You are doing big thangs over there. The colors are pretty♥ I love the color names. Happy Knitting