Tuesday, January 08, 2008


A late "Happy New Year". The hat saga is finally over and I'm back to regular knitting. All were well received even though I did have to explain how to use some of them. I made a total of seven Hannah's including two for co-workers and 3 headbands. Somehow I still managed to be short one gift so I'll be working on remedying that situation.


The Retro Redux Shrug from LaceStyles was a wonderful project to knit. I finished it in time for gift delivery. That process has been delayed by the fact that I forget to remove it from the machine after spinning it dry and by the time I remembered it had been agitating for a while. The laciness kept it from felting completely but it ended up being way too small so I've passed it on to my sister's friend. I asked my niece what color she wanted the new one to be and she likes the original color so I've already purchased the yarn for a new one.

I've never knitted much for people outside my immediate family. This includes my best friend. During the holidays she asked if I would knit her a hot pink scarf. I decided to knit a scarf and matching hat. I have enough left over to make some matching fingerless mitts but I'm nut sure what hand size to make so I'm going to pass on that for now. I used the Cable and Eyelet Rib Pattern from "The Harmony Guide to Knitting Patterns Volume Two". This is the original guide and not the recently re-issued versions. The pattern was easy to remember and fun to knit. I still have to block both of them before packing and sending them on their way.

The cold weather arrived and the only person left without a hat was me. I knitted another Odessa with gold beads. This hat is perfect. I wore it to work on a bad hair day and didn't get overheated. It is one of the most comfortable hats I've ever made. Big ups to Grumperina.

I've been away from the Skyline Jacket so long that when I picked it up and started again my row count was off. It's hard to tell where the mistake was so I've ripped back to where the first decreases began. I'm using the Ott Lite and plan to work on this until the sleeve is finished. That will take two or three evenings then I can get on with the business of putting it all together. The cold whether has left us once again and we are back to temps in the 60's and 70's. Maybe this time I'll get it finished before the next cold snap passes through.


Monika said...

Happy New Year to you too!
The black Odessah hat with the gold beads looks fab! :o)

Vera said...

Great hats. I've been making lots lately.

Calvin said...

As usual, great work.

kathy b said...


GREAT hats. One and all.

As for the prize, do you subscribe to Interweave Knits or have another wish?