Sunday, January 20, 2008


I'm normally not one to wait for natural light to take pictures. My photography skills are nothing to brag about, but the hat and scarf begged for just the right condition. I finally got around to blocking them Thursday night and realized that the crown could have been a little less full, but overall I'm pleased with the set and I'm sure Nicole will enjoy it.

I was going for an artsy shot, alas the wind was not cooperating. It's been bitterly cold all day and I'm sure it's even colder in Charlotte so I'm anxious to get this to her.

I also got out my dye pot for some dyeing experiments. Nothing major at this time given the breathing issues. I've purchased a lot of natural colored fingering weight skeins when the lys has been having sales with the sole purpose of dyeing them. This round I'm using Lanett Superwash 100% Merino. It's been a pain in the ass to wind them into hanks and I didn't tie them tight enough prior to putting them in the pot so I'll have a mess on my hands in the morning.

In the good news department, I'm knitting the left front of the Skyline Jacket. Tomorrow is a holiday for the state and I hope to have it finished by then. After that its' miles of garter stitch trim and finally another FO 2008. I'm picking out the next projects and for now I think I'll stick to cardigans with the flakey weather we have around here that may be the best option.

I still have some hats to make for the boys. The first one will be one for me. The Strudel by Woolly Wormhead. Vera has done several styles and the Strudel is my favorite. Even though I haven't made any of the hats, I highly recommend "Going Straight - A New Generation of Knitted Hats". The tutorials alone are worth the purchase price and it comes in three versions.


Vera H. said...

Nice projects. What hat are you going to knit from "Going Straight?" I've already done five, and I have two more that I still want to make.

Theresa said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous hat and scarf. All I could think was "I wonder how much that would cost in Banana Republic?" Answer: A LOT!!!

Deborah said...

what is that contraption?? i want one!

Monika said...

The hat/scarf set looks lovely! I went over to Vera to look at the Strudel hat, because the word Strudel in German means a delicious baked desert, with vrious fillings. ;o) IT looks great. I'm interested (of course) to see more of those hats knit on straight needles.