Wednesday, January 23, 2008


I'm making good progress on the Skyline jacket. Both sleeves are done and joined and if I hadn't left my contrast stripe yarn at work I would have finished the left front. Not one to be discouraged, I picked up the arm band on the right sleeve. I'm thinking that I'll need to add another half inch or so. This weekend I'll devote my time to knitting the band that surrounds the jacket. Next weekend I'm attending a knit-in in Greenville and would love to have this finished so that I can wear it.

My office knitting is now the baby sweater since the jacket is no longer a portable project. I'm using that time to concentrate on knitting and finishing the baby sweater so that I can deliver it by next Friday.

I finally got a chance to take a picture of one of the red Hannah's I knitted over the holidays. My co-worker who received a red one brought hers to work so that I could photograph it. This color is my favorite of all of them.

The younger boys told me this weekend that they want knitted hats. My youngest nephew is three and his mother says that he has taken possession of the hat I gave her for Christmas. I let him wear one that isn't quite the right size, he has a big head, and he didn't want to take it off. He's only three, but he understands that I make things when I knit and he can wear them.

The other one is eight and he's seen me knitting for so long that he isn't fazed by it anymore. When he was much younger he was amazed by the fact that I was always knitting or reading something knitting related. When someone would ask me what I was doing his immediate replay was "some knitting." If someone asked what was I reading they received the same reply. Most of the time I was, but on a few occassions I wasn't. He was so used to that being the case that he didn't even bother to check anymore.

This past weekend I had both of them over and the knitting was at a minimum. They'll be expecting their hats soon since they've already put in their requests. I don't think they'll be affected by the sweater curse in the future.


Theresa said...

The knitting is lovely - especially that jacket! But my question is: is that the new room floor it was photographed on? I don't remember seeing any pics after you got it all done. Maybe I just need to look closer!

Monika said...

It's a lovely hat. Your jacket however, will be fabulous! I hope you'll get it done in time to wear to your meeting!

Acornbud said...

What a cool looking jacket. I love the color of the hat, too.