Sunday, August 12, 2007

Upward and Onward

Total project commitment. Sucks! I can do it but it truly is not my personal knitting style.

Stretched the shawl measures about 33 x 31 inches. My original plan was to have a finished length without borders of 60 inches. I calculated that I'd need at least ten repeats to achieve my goal and today I reached what would've been the halfway point. I decided that since the shawl/stole is for a raffle it might be best to err on the side of wider and longer so I'm adding two additional repeats.

Conspicously absent is my lifeline which didn't worked as planned. I kept weaving it through one of the fibers every now and then and ended up abandoning it about midway the third repeat. So far there haven't been any major problems. Knock on wood!!!

Things have been hectic all around for several weeks. Saturday I'm flying out for vacation and some much needed R & R. I have yet to cast on for the second pair of socks for SOS which will soon be over if I don't get my a-- in gear. I'll be knitting the River Rapid socks by Sockbug in Trekking XXL. I'm planning to take them and one other special project for a precious little boy that caught everyone by surprise coming 8 weeks early. His parents are friends of my youngest brother and some of the most wonderful people I've ever met. Does anyone know if they still have baby showers for early arrivals?


Kathy said...

Well Bev, as a neonatal nurse, I will say most people are overjoyed with gifts. The baby is here. Shower it!

Donna said...

That's a beautiful shawl. What pattern are you using?