Thursday, August 30, 2007

Trekking Along

I managed to start the second pair of SOS socks before I went on vacation. On the return trip I was about a quarter up the leg when I spotted an obvious error after the heel turn. The River Rapids pattern knits up beautifully, but I wasn't pleased with the look of the Trekking on the size 2 needles. The yarn is somewhat thinner compared to most of the others I've used. Saturday I ripped out the whole thing and cast-on using size 1's. It looks so much better

This time I'm knitting the foot plain and will put the patterning on the leg. SOS pair two on the way.

While I'm not in the running for most socks knitted during SOS, I've finished another pair. These were started before SOS began and have been languishing on the needles as I worked on and even finished other projects.

Pattern: My Basic Toe-Up Sock
Yarn: Regia Cotton Top Color 4075
Needles: Size 1 US Inox dpn's
Size: Women's 10
Started: June 14, 2007
Finished: August 30, 2007


Vera H. said...

I love the colors on your sock, and I just purchased some Trekking. I nearly have four pairs done for SOS.

Monika said...

Yeah, Trekking needs thin needles for best results. I love the colorway you are using! Your Regia socks are very nice too!