Monday, July 30, 2007

Humble Pie

Kathy of Irisheyes knitting blog nominated me a "Rockin Girl Knitter". My knitting hasn't been rockin so much lately, but I am deeply flattered by her nomination.

Sometimes you can get too confident. This weekend knitting buddy Calvin was over for a visit. He was working on a neat Artyarns hat pattern. I worked a little on Shedir then switched to the Chatelaine shawl. Neither one of us seemed to be accomplishing much except flapping our mouths. He asked me about using a lifeline when knitting shawls. I blithely told him I never use one and I continued to knit on after he left.

As I said previously, I have serious issues with talking or watching TV while knitting on this particularly shawl. About 12:00 AM I headed to bed smugly smilling and admiring my handiwork. Too much confidence will get you every time. I'm still eating my humble pie.

I had knitted rows 2 and 3 twice and had to manually undo 16 rows stitch by stitch. You can best be sure that I ran that lifeline in as soon as I got back to the correct row 3 early Sunday afternoon. I'm going to move it about every twelve rows. In a 48-row repeat that's a number I can live with and my belly is already full.

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Donna said...

That over confidence thing bites us all in the butt sometimes! I have learned my lesson the hard way many times. Maybe one day the lesson will stick before I get into trouble.