Sunday, June 10, 2007

Sockploration - Adventures in Sock Knitting, Part II

*New techniques used since original post on 2/16/07. This is the second of ongoing updates.

Last year I began a "Sockploration", a term coined for the ongoing exploration of the methods used in sock making including but not limited to cast-ons, turning heels, knitting toes and whatever other interesting little tidbits are discovered along the way. It all started with a fascination with toe-up socks and a quest for the "perfect" fitting sock. To date I've learned the following methods:

1. Short-row, yarnover heel (PGR) - Toddler Ringel Color Socks
2. Short-row no wrap - Isaiah's Ribbed Socks*
3. Toe-Up Heel Flap (Judy Gibson) – Generic Toe-Up Socks
4. Round Heel
5. Sherman Heel – Supersocke 100 Fun 765

Heel Flaps
1. Stockinette
2. Slip Stitch - Broadripples
3. Eye of Partridge - Laburnum*

Cast-Ons for Toe-Up
1. Figure-Eight - Lilac Lace
2. Magic Cast-On - Raked Leaves
3. Easy Toe - Champlain Sunset
4. Turkish Cast-On – Broad Spiral Rib *

Cast-Ons for Top-Down
1. Longtail Cast-On - Maze
2. Twisted German (English) Cast-On – Laburnum Socks***
3. Combination (English & Longtail) - Isaiah's Ribbed Socks***

1. 4/5 Dpn's - This is my favorite and first method I learned.
2. 1 Sock on 2 Circular Needles
3. 2 Socks on 2 Circular needles – 2 x 2 Rib
4. Magic Loop - Broad Spiral Rib (Great for portability. You don’t have to worry about dropping and/or losing dpn’s.)*

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Acornbud said...

Lots of different techniques. It's quite a sock journey:)