Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Purple, Blue & Pink

Thanks so much for your comments about Daphne. Completing this sweater is making me reconsider to Tilia. I've had it on hold for several months and won't be picking up anytime soon since it is long-sleeved and I've already cast on for another short sleeve sweater but I'm lookin forward to working on it again. If Hemapthy came in a wider assortment of colors I'm sure that I would purchase more.

In the meantime, one of the rescued Hydrangeas began blooming this week. They aren't as vigorous nor as a large as they would have been before the unexpected freeze came through this spring. They were almost completely devastated and had to put out a lot of new growth.

This is one of my favorite colors and I saw one recently on a walk around the job in an unsual color that I'm going to take some cuttings from.

I finished the first Broad Spiral Rib sock yesterday except for casting off. I want to try a new casting off technique and haven't made a decision as to which one to use. Summer of Socks kicks off in a few weeks and I'd like to have this pair and another in Regia Cotton Color that I've recently cast-on under my belt before it gets under way. The biggest difficulty I'm having is picking the socks for the KAL so I'm glad there's still plenty of time to choose.

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Dipsy said...

I so adore Hydrangeas, and yours are especially beautiful - these colors are so inspiring indeed! Happy Knitting!