Sunday, June 17, 2007

What's in a name?

Sweater in Nougat from Sandra Nr. 6 - June '03. The yarn is Tahki Satin from the stash purchased several years ago during a clearance sale at the lys. It's a wonderful melon color that screams of things tropical.

A not so "plain Jane" sock on the needles in Regia Cotton Top Color. I bought this last year when I purchased the Bamboo Color and for some bizarre reason I thought it was variegated as well. The disappointment has worn off finally and mom likes the colors so it worked out okay. The other skeins are Cotton Color and they aren't self-stripping. All is good in the land of Fiberitis.

Loveliness still abounds with Glads and Stargazers making their appearance in the flower beds. This one caught me by surprise this evening ...

and mom rescued these Gladiolas before the storm got them yesterday morning.

SOS starts at midnight. I'm furiously going through stash, books and other collected patterns to find the right pairs. Some top picks so far are :

1. Cascading Leaves - Townsend Sock Knit-Along
2. River Rapids - Sockbug
3. Heart Crook - More Sensational Knitted Socks
4. Friday Harbor - Knitting on the Road

And the list goes on and on. So much sockage, so little time.


Anonymous said...

Kathy said...

Oh your sock is lovely lovely.

I'll be watching your SOS progress.

I love glads. My husband thinks of them as a funeral flower.....NOT ME! Even if they are funeral flowers, what a wonderful honorable role in a flowers life.