Thursday, January 04, 2007


Happy New Year!

Now that the holiday rush is over knitting begins in earnest. I'm dedicated to finishing Rosedale so that I can wear on the one or two cold days that we get occasionally. Growing up I can remember needing gloves, scarves, hats and coats here in SC. Now it I rarely need any of them.

I more likely to throw on a sweater and a pair of gloves without a second thought to grabbing a jacket. This strange phenomenom is due I'm sure to the increase in age and the decrease in hormomes. It certainly makes driving and riding in a car much easier.

Rosedale became a little tedious for a while. The yoke is almost finished and since the sweater is a raglan knitted in once piece, all that will remain to be completed is the collar and the front borders.

The colors are way off!!! The blue is actually a shade of lavendar and greens are yellow-greens, olive tones. I love the natural color and will try to get some true color picks when the sweater is complete.

I cast-on for the Alpine Knit Scarf from Victorian Lace Today. It's mom's Xmas present so I'd better hurry up and get it finished. I'm late for the second year in a row, but with all the unpacking and cooking I did during the holidays she's letting me slide once again. She had her "good" knee scoped on Dec. 19th and I became the official Xmas and New Years Eve/Day chef.

For the next couple of weeks it's going to be slow and easy going here at Chez Fiberitis.


Calvin said...

Happy New Year to you, as well. The Rosedale is looking very nice. By the way, thank you for the Christmas card and photo. That was very nice of you. I hope to see you at the knit-in next Thursday. Tell "fake knitter" (your words, not mine) that I said hello.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I was the one helping with the magic loop. I loved meeting you and your mom. Tell her hello for me. I'm back in Hilton Head and meeting some new knitting friends at the senior action center.

Good luck with the sock class.'

Flo Renfroe