Sunday, January 28, 2007

Mindless Knitting

I've said before that there is a certain magic in letting Noro "do its' thing." I made that decision when knitting Rosedale and I'm sticking to it for the Carnival cardigan/jacket. The only concession I'm not willing to give up is that the balls must flow from the same direction. (No need to go completely overboard.)

The result. Row upon row of hypnotically colored stockinette stitch keeps me mesmerized. The changes and surprises, the forced randomness - there's a method to the madness of the knots, make me want to see what's going to happen on the next row and the row after that and the row after that, and so it continues. I'm using EZ's percentage formula as a guide for knitting this sweater. So far, I'm almost finished with the body section and will soon cast-on for the first sleeve.

The stack of books on the bed represents the other knitting-related task currenly occupying the remainder of my free time. The Palmetto Purlers Knitting Guild's upcoming program is a comprehensive sock class. The class will be taught over the next 3, possibly for months and will include something for all levels of sock knitters. To that end, I've hauled out the research materials and have begun getting the topics and lessons together.

So even though there are some calculations involved in making the Carnival sweater, they are relatively simple and the rows of endless stockinette a welcome relief when taking a break from planning and writing the lessons for the class. Nothing like "mindless knitting" to take you away from it all.


Donna said...

That's the fun of Noro--just letting it go! Your sweater looks good so far.

Kathy said...

Noro noro. Pricey but always worth the joy of knitting with it and wearing it. I LOVE that colorway.