Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Old Habits

Often I'm a creature of habit. Good habits, bad habits, annoying habits, but habits none the less. One of them is that I must have a sweater, a sock and a lace project concurrently on the needles. I don't remember when or why but it must have occurred shortly after I started lace knitting.

After swatching and a few measurements and calculations, I cast-on a sweater for mom tentatively named "Carnival". It's Noro Silver Thaw Color #5. Mom picked this out as the lesser of evils last year as she was not really pleased with the choices available. The stripes are only about a row or two wide. The coloring however is wonderful and I think the planned project will work out okay.

This afternoon I visited Columbia's newests lys "In the Loop". It was very nice to meet Lara since we only got to say hi at the Palmetto Purlers Guild meeting last night. I was running late and she had to leave when I was coming in the door. It's always nice to meet new knitters, especially those with yarn and tools.
I'm sure there are exciting things to come from this shop. I've been to the sister shop "Knit" and even though the shop here is much smaller it carries some unique items not available anywhere else in Columbia. Thanks Vera for giving both of us the "heads up".

I started working on the plans and course material for an extensive sock class the Guild will conduct over the course of the next 3-4 months. There may not be much knitting with the exception of heel and toe swatches, but I'll be sure to sneak in some time for the new sweater and finish the hoodie for my nephew and lest I forgot mom's Xmas present. I ran into a few complications with the hood last night, mainly a running out of yarn complication, which I hope can be resolved by doing the hood in another color as originally planned.

Tomorrow marks my 1-year anniversary since I quit smoking!!! (I actually stopped at 9:15 pm on the 24th, but my program quit date is 1/25/2006.)



Calvin said...

I'm sorry I missed the meeting Tuesday. I was feeling under the weather.
From what I hear, it was quite festive!! Where is the new shop at?

Vera H. said...

I'm glad you got to go the In the Loop and meet Laura. I need to go stop by there myself. I will teach a crocheting class there one day.