Saturday, September 30, 2006

Socktoberfest & CAL/KAL

I signed up for the this.

These are a few things that I've decided.
Thing 1) Sock yarn is Cherry Tree Hill Potluck Golden Harvest.

Thing 2) These are for mom to go with her brown Clarks.
Thing 3) The foot will be unpatterned.
Thing 4) The socks will be worked toe-up on dpn's.

I'm sorting through sock patterns to find a suitable design. This is my first time using CTH. I'll use the foot as a guide to choosing the leg pattern. It will give me an opportunity to see how the yarn patterns on the needles.

Vera of Vera's Crafty Blog is hosting a CAL/KAL at Feel the Love Along. It's to encourage knitters to experience crocheting and for crocheters to experience knitting. I've begun looking for a project that will either be all or mainly crochet in keeping with the spirit of the CAL/KAL.
I crocheted almost exclusively when I was in my teens and early twenties. I continued to knit doilies off and on for several years before I stopped crocheting completely in my early thirties. Except for the occasional finishing, provisional cast-on or dropped stitch, I never pick up a crochet hook.
I'm looking forward to finding a pattern and yarn to execute for this knit-along.

This afternoon Calvin of Colaman Knits (hope he gets back to blogging) came over for a sock knitting lesson. Calvin is the only male member of our knitting guild the Palmetto Purlers. He picks up new techniques quickly and performs them to perfection. He's my first knitting visitor ever and I thoroughly enjoyed his company.

On Monday, the floor man is coming. He estimates that it will take him for days to do the floors. This is one of the last tasks remaining. They have to finish the bathroom and the laundry area and do some painting touch ups here and there.

Time continues to wind down. It appears that we'll be ready for the holidays after all.


Anonymous said...

I think I know what sock I'll make for Socktoberfest. I also started a cuted ribbed scarf with a crocheted edge for the CAL/KAL.

Calvin said...

Thanks, Beverly. I had a great time. You're a wonderful teacher and friend.

Donna said...

I love the wall color. What is it called?