Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Decked Out

My new knitting spot. I probably won't get much use out of it this year but wait until next year. It's nice and quiet in the backyard and totally isolated from the front. The only problem will be the dreaded mosquitos and the emus that live down the hill. When the wind is blowing the wrong way the give off quite a whiff!

Work is ramped up once again. Walls and trimmed primed. Fireplace mantel in place. If things keep on the current track I'll get the room up and working before Thanksgiving.

Last night a few members of the Palmetto Purlers met for our quarterly "Dinner Bunch" meeting. I can't make the "Lunch Bunch" get togethers so I try to make the dinners. We went to Gervais & Vine. It's a wine and tapas bar. In attendance was Gail, Barbara, Millie, Mom and myself. This might be the smallest group we've had so far. The conversation was great. We enjoyed hearing about Barbara's recent trip to Scotland with her husband.

I'm not a wine drinker. Wine gives me hot flashes and headaches so I steer away from them. I did try a half-glass of Pinot Gris that was quite nice. The food was awesome. The "Petite Filet with Feta" was cooked perfectly and the cheese plate was wonderful. The asparagus was so-so but the Raspberry Creme Brulee Cheesecake that I had for dessert was smooth and creamy and the raspberry sauce was just the right touch.

Still plugging along on Pumpkin. I started the front last night. The red sleeve looks like it was knit by someone else. Sloppy gauge, uneven stitches. I'll probably re-knit it so that it looks as good as the green one and the back. (Just realized my green sleeve is supposed to be the hood color. I'm not to sure about putting a gold hood on the sweater. I'll have to cross that bridge when I get to it. Betcha I'll refer to my notes the next time.)

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