Sunday, September 17, 2006

Beautiful (Picture heavy post)

The weather this entire weekend, the cookout we attended yesterday, and my birthday made for a beautiful weekend. The birthday which occurred yesterday was very, very low-key. It's seems funny that as long as I was on the upside of 45 I was okay with the age thing. I've never held the apprehension that some people give to landmark years such as 25, 30, and 40 and actually thought I never would. This 50 thing is something new and there are 4 more years to go before it arrives. Perhaps it's the infirmities I've experienced the past few years and the realization that most people my age are simply not having these kind of problems.

I miss hanging out with my "girls", dancing so much that my feet hurt and being so silly that my family was amazed. This weekend has been the first in almost 2 years that I have been able to actually enjoy without constantly being reminded of our overwhelmed by pain. Life is good and maybe in the grand scheme of things it's working out just the way it's supposed to. I once again enjoying my silly side and I've re-connected with some of the "girls". I still have yet to dance until my feet hurts but that not far down the road.

Kayla, niece the eldest, prepared and decorated a cake for my birthday today. Everyone was busy and heading out of town in different directions yesterday. I joined the kids this evening for the traditional singing of Happy Birthday and cake.

On the 7th I ordered some more Cherry Tree Hill Supersock. Mom wouldn't come help me pick out sock yarn and we got home she wanted one of the colors that I had picked for myself. I searched on line to find it and of course since these are handpainted there was some difference.

At Simply Sock Yarn I found the sought after Champlain Sunset colorway for mom. She processed and shipped the order immediately and the yarn arrived on Friday. This one is a little heavier on the blues and light on the orange. It's still pretty and I'm sure will make a wonderful pair of socks. I love the yardage in their hanks. At 420 yards per 4 oz there's more than enough for the calf-length socks like to make for our size 9 1/2 and 10 tootsies. (Theresa if you need some advice for large size feet I'm your girl.)

CTH Supersock in Old Rose and Champlain Sunset, LL in Glenwood( to go with a single skein purchase made earlier this year by accident. Hopefully I can blend the dyelots.)

And of course once you start searching and check out the sources and prices it's hard to stop. I order some CTH Supersock Potlock from Little Knits. I've read the Knitter's Review review, that looks so strange typed out, of CTH where they compare it to Koigu. I 've knitted with Koigu and the feel does remind of that yarn and it also reminds me of STR which I've only touched.

CTH Supersock Potluck in Candied Cherries and Peaches, Red Lovers Dream, Golden Harvest, Rio, Carnivale, Crown Jewels, Key Lime Pie

I've been putting knitting moderation into practice. I'm still making good progress on most items. I haven't worked on Tilia in a while due to gauge issues but other projects are still in rotation and there are some updates.

I've finished the feet and turned the heels on the Cotton Color socks worked in a simple 2 x 2 rib pattern. The 2S2C method will remain in my reportoire for the 50 gram ball socks.

Today I purchased buttons for Rachel. Mom as always graciously modeled her sweater. (Yes, our house is painted a shocking shade of chartreuse green. Somehow it's always worked and makes the house fairly easy to find.)

Pumpkin continues to grow. I've made it to my previous point and more. Sleeve #2 is on the needles and quickly approaching the halfway mark. The sizing is much better this time around. It'll be a little big and hopefully last to next Fall/Winter season.


Vera said...

Happy Birthday!

You always seem to come across such lovely yarn.

Anonymous said...

the sweater fits beautifully.
looks wonderful.
I like your mom's new hairstyle.

Kathy said...

Happy BELATED! Hoping it is your best year yet.
The sweater is wonderful!!!!
The sunset yarn.....I'm envious!
The cake, oh aren't neices the best?
Good luck at the meeting. They are lucky to have you !!!!!!!!!!!!