Sunday, July 30, 2006

Koigu Lace Shawl

Slubs, thin spots, single plys and loops all attempted to thwart my finishing the shawl. Strange that I didn't notice any of these problems when I was winding the skein. I have another ball from the same dye lot in my Charlotte's Web Kit and must remember to check it before I begin.

Now that the shawl is blocking and no longer a blob I like it. The vision is clear and the colors are great, even the brown.

It should be dry by the time I get up in the morning. I'll unpin and stash it away for mom's return and photo op. There's quite a bit of leftovers from 4 of the colors. I was tempted to order an additional skein of each. Instead I think that I'll wait until I finish the other kit and see if I have enough for a mini scarf.


Vera said...

Charlotte looks great!!!

Jana said...

Congratulations! Your shawl is gorgeous! I also like the river stole alot, what a great pattern.

Becky G said...

WoW! What a difference blocking makes! The shawl looks great.

Monika said...

This Koigu shawl looks great. I like the pattern and the colors. I have some Koigu, which is waiting for just the right project. Maybe a shawl?