Saturday, April 15, 2006

Sniff, sniff ... blow, blow

Between sniffing, blowing and sleeping I can't seem to get much done. I've got my third sinus infection this allergy season and it is playing havoc with me. The only saving grace is that it happened after the trip.

I'm in the process of finishing the Lace Edged Pullover from S. Charles Spring/Summer 2003 in Palmas. I don't remember when I started this sweater. It must have been the first part of 2005. I found it 2 weeks ago stashed in a shoe box of all places. It's been on my sidebar for quite a while, but I didn't write down the start date in my knitting journal. It's a sleeveless shell for mom, so I hope she can still fit it.

My next sweater will probably Y-404 from "the World of Nature vol. 14" using Noro Gisha from the stash. Don't you just love it when designers give their patterns numbers instead of names? I got the yarn out of storage yesterday and started the sweater. It looked way too big for the little bit that I had done. It's been frogged and I may cast on again tonight.

I worked on the Baby Cable and Lilac Lace socks a little yesterday, but I have really got to buckle down. Normally I'd whip out a pair in no time. These are taking months and that's probably because I'm so focused on sweaters.

Now that the tissue box and the pillows have a little down time, I'm going to see if I can get something accomplished tonight. The WIP's are starting to get a little lengthy on the sidebar and that's a very bad thing. The contractors are starting the addition on Monday which will include a workroom and once I get the entire stash in the house things could go really bad.

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