Sunday, April 16, 2006

Lace Edged Shell

Today I post another FO. The Lace Edged Shell is complete as of 2:10 PM EST. The picture doesn't show any hint of the lace surrounding the bottom of the shell. It fits me a little loosely and has quite a bit of stretch so it should fit mom.

The hardest parts were the pick up for the armhole borders and the seaming. I couldn't have seamed it without the OTT Lite. I tried to at first but realized that I couldn't distinguish the stitches with all the little tags hanging off from the colored stranded. Modifications I made were as follows:

1. The pattern has a high crew neck in the front which I made deeper.

2. The back has a deep vee and since this sweater is made for a woman well into her sixties the braless look wouldn't look so good. I eliminated the vee and made a higher scoop neck which can be worn in front. There is a seed stitch insert in the back that would have accentuated the vee. It only creates a barely perceptible change in the overall stockinette look.

3. I drastically changed the number of stitches for armhole band. I used the pattern number 76, which created an armhole that I couldn't get my arm through. Instead of going up to the next number which is 88, I picked up 108 stitches.

Today is the first Easter since I was in college that we aren't having a large family dinner. Mom is out of town visiting her friend and I wasn't about to do all the cooking myself. There are no Easter eggs or happy nieces and nephews running around. There's something really sad and strange when family traditions begin to die. I hope this isn't a forecast of things to come.

Happy Easter to all!

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Donna said...

I love the shell, Beverly. I'm sure your mom will like it, too.

We're not big on family traditions here. We kind of like to do our own thing, just the three of us. Hmmm...maybe that is a family tradition?