Sunday, April 23, 2006

Pollen & Cats

It has been a wonderful day. After yesterday’s rain, it was great to be able to go outside and not see the yellow green haze on everything.

This was my first time to get my hands in the dirt since Summer ’04. I spent most of the afternoon dividing and/or repotting plants and getting rid of a lot of plants that died from lack of care. In a couple of weeks I’ll know if the transplants are successful. If they are, I’m going to take one or two to the office.

Knitting wise there hasn’t been a lot going on this weekend. I’m completed the back of Gisha on Friday prior to the socks. I was about to break the stash pledge and order some of the Sundara sock yarn late last night when I came across a warning on her knitblog Purly Whites. (See "Taking Care of Business".) Not just any warning. A warning about CATS!!!

I am severely allergic to cats. I can’t even be in close contact with anyone who has been exposed to a cat within 30 minutes of encountering them. I began to visualize her description of the cat lying on the yarn, me opening the box and the ambulance arriving shortly there after. (I wasn’t hallucinating. I actually had this happen when my youngest brother stopped by and talked to me for about 15 minutes. He’s had a cat for years and didn’t air his clothes because he wasn’t expecting me to be home. In reality the ambulance didn’t get here first. The rescue squad was only 3 blocks away and they actually saved me.)

I’ve ordered yarn online and didn’t think about it, but lately I would get right up to the point of submitting the order when that pesky little question would enter my head. Do they have a cat? And why I’d wonder does this bother me now? Why?

Because I often knitblog browse and knitters seem to have an awful lot of cats and many of those same knitters are now selling yarn. This is the first time I’ve come across this type of warning and I’d like to say a big thank you to Purly Whites first for posting the warning and second for helping me stick to my stash pledge. Now if she’d move it to the store site that’d be even better.

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