Sunday, March 12, 2006

Peri's Parasol

Friday I began my first spring/summer sweater. Normally I don't have a problem knitting with cool weather yarns, but since my internal thermostat changed last year I'm finding it to be most uncomfortable. Sock yarns don't bother me since they are so thin and light. My newest project is Peri's Parasol Pullover from The Pleasures of Knitting.

Late last knit I completed the 4 rows of lace at the bottom and now I'm working on the upper body. The front and back are made alike and the sleeves have one row of the scallop lace detail. I'm using the yarn called for in the pattern, Tahki Cotton Classic.

The socks haven't been abandoned. I completed one foot of the Garter Ribs on Thursday. My goal is to complete the second foot of the Baby Cables and then cast on the second sock for the Lilac Lace and the Garter Ribs. Eventually, I'll clean up some of the older projects from WIP list or frog those that I have no interest in completing.

The stash reduction is going along very slowly.I haven't purchased any more yarn but I did buy Faroese Knitting Patterns by Marilyn van Keppel. It was only $15.00 vs the original $49.00. Little Knits was having a sale on their sock yarns which was tempting but after refreshing my memory ...

This is just a sample. but it illustrates clearly why I can't buy anymore sock yarn!


Theresa said...

Oh my, you could open a shop with all that sock yarn! Now you just need the right inspiration!!

Donna said...

LOL! Look at all that sock yarn. If that Opal needs a home, I have some room. ;)

Anonymous said...

Dannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng @ all that sock yarn. Drool. Great stash!


kathy b said...

Oh my. THink of all the warm tootsies that will have homes in those socks-to-be someday. When does a stash become part of the emergency preparedness plan in your house?

Anonymous said...

I just started Peri's Parasol but can't get past the first two rows without running into problems .
Your picture makes the pattern much easier to see than the picture in the book . I will persist . For the sleeves it says to cast on 49 st. but this number is not a pattern multiple . any thoughts ?