Saturday, March 18, 2006

Summertime's Calling Me

If you've every traveled to Myrtle Beach you'll recognize the title as part of the refrain from The Catalina's beach music hit The Summertime's Calling Me. This time of year I expect to find nice spring or summer knits in the seasonal issues of major knitting publications. The current issues of Interweave Knits, to which I've recently subscribed, and Knitter's feature so many sweaters with wool content or cool weather in mind that it verges on the absurd. (I didn't even bother to check Vogue Knitting. I let that subscription lapse last year and I hope they've finally stopped sending me offers. If the model looks like she's suffering from some type of severe orthopaedic disorder, there's got to be something terribly wrong with the fit of the sweater she's wearing.)

We've already had several very high 70's or low 80 degree days in Columbia SC. Wearing a wool sweater or fingerless gloves is the last thing on anyone's mind. After the Fall and Winter sweater blitzes, I look forward to seeing cute and inspirational summer sweaters. Or maybe, just maybe, I've got it wrong.

Should I knit wool sweaters when it's warm so that I can wear them when it gets cold and vice versa? That is so not going to happen. At 40+ and definitely perimenopausal, sitting under the ceiling fan to re-knit the Silver Thaw cardigan quickly lost its' humor. I'd paint you a pretty picture, but believe me it ain't that pretty! In the meantime, the cardigan is on hiatus until I cool down,which is not likely to happen anytime soon, or the ac comes on.

Looks like I'll be pattern busting and stash busting at the same time. Once again, the 'Fickle finger of fate' has conspired to rid me of another addiction. Pattern/book/magazine hoarding. (I was in the lys today for almost 4 hours. No yarn, no books, only a shawl pattern and that was because I had to find something for an exchange.)

When old habits die, they really die hard!!!

I've hit the trifecta. No smoking, yarn stashing or pattern hoarding.


Theresa said...

I felt as though I was reading my own words! Change Columbia to Clemson and the story is mine! I tend to make a lot of socks over the summer, small, lightweight, no sweaty legs where the wool sits while I knit!

Donna said...

I'm freezing today, Beverly. It was cold in Hilton Head; it is cold in North Augusta. I'm headed to Kansas City on Tuesday, and there's supposed to be freaking snow most of the week. UGH! I want my 70 and 80 degree weather back.

Kathy said...

Oh, Bev, you and me sound so alike wih our biological states!

I am so glad someone is getting some spring weather.
Its very gloomy here in Chicago. I'd love a good thunderstorm, instead of snow.

I am in the mood to make a summer shawl for porch sitting. Definitely not wool with our humid intense summers, when they finally hit!