Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Off Schedule

I'm a tad behind my schedule for knitting the Parasol pullover. Some days I haven't knitted at all, very little or focused on the socks that are currently on the needles. My allergies have completely blindsided me this spring. There have been several days of weeping and burning eyes, swelling and constant aggravating nasal drip. We haven't been getting much rain but my nose has been a river.

The back and front of the pullover are complete. I finished the front before I left for the knitting guild meeting last night. Cast on the sleeves at the meeting and finally finished the lace portion this evening and started the rib section. If all goes well I'll finish and block the sweater this weekend. I'm not sure if I'll have enough for both sleeves and my LYS is only open Thurs - Sat until 3:00 pm at the lastet. This means that I'll have to do some marathon knitting tomorrow and Friday in case I need get more yarn. I plan to take this with me when we go to Las Vegas on April 8th, so time is running out.

I cast on another sock! Temptation finally got the best of me and I couldn't resist the Online Supersocke 100 Fun (color 765) that was marinating in the stash since October. The Bearfoot socks are sharing time with Lilac Lace. I'm using the same needles for both socks.

I'm in limbo as to what the next project will be.(Socks do not count.) Lately I've been perusing shawl patterns. Whatever is chosen, it will be another stash project.

*** Yesterday was the 9th week of being smoke-free. ***


Vera said...

The tank top is very nice!

mf said...

Neat TOP!! I love the lacey on the bottm. great jobi! Congrats on being smoke free.. Any tips for someone who's been cutting back and back.......;o)))) I envy you! WOOHOOO!

Theresa said...

Yeah for you and the smoke-free weeks! I love the tank - so feminine. We'll get through these allergies together. I didn't take a decongestant for two days, and I'm sick today! I went to Bi-Lo first thing this morning for medicine!

Kathy said...


Your parasol is so beautiful. I just adore it. The work is so lovely.

Good for you for quitting smoking. I am sorry your allergies are so bad right now.

I love your comments on irisheyes. Thanks Bev.

Acornbud said...

Wow, look at that lacework! So striking!