Wednesday, June 30, 2004

It's Back!!!!!

Yesterday was gorgeous. Sunny and warm. The perfect summer day. Went to sleep last night after hip-hopping to the BET Awards and what the hell happened?!!!! Rain, rain go away.

The awards were, hmmm. Interesting. Yeah that's it, that's the ticket. Everyone was plugging their own or their label's releases, voting was high on the agenda and Rick James is definitely still the same Rick James. Bi---!!!

I still managed to get some knitting done in the midst of "TV" partying. This weather must be seriously affecting my knitting. I've done more frogging in the past month than in the 25+ years I've been knitting. Started the Triangle Shawl, again. Finally it's starting to look like a lace shawl.

The greatest surprise came when I was plying some corriedale that I'd spun on the Little Gem. Since this was my third attempt at spinning I was expecting it to be as thick and thin as the first two. Voila!!! "I think I've got it. By George I've got." Something that looks more like a mill spun. Don't get me wrong. I've love my spindle spun yarns, some of which are spun quite well, but this... It made my heart jump. There's hope after all.

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