Monday, August 08, 2011

Picking Up Where I Left Off

I've given up hope of posting regularly here. I'm having trouble with the left hand, arm and shoulder once again so my crafting time has been limited. I've been unable to do much of anything for any significant length of time. The state fair knitting is started and I'm currently working on a women's pullover. It will, along with the other knitting for the fair, remain a stealth project until after the fair in October.

I finally got back to beading this past week and made three bracelets with one or two more to go. The pattern is Bump in the Road from Step by Step Beads which is now Beadwork.

The top one is for my co-worker Tammy's birthday, the second one is for my mom and the third and unfinished one is for my sister. I had to modify the instructions for the toggle loop since it came out way too big on Tammy. I redid that one and finished my sister's Sunday night.

I'm participating in the Westknits Mystery KAL on Ravelry. We are currently knitting clue 2. I finished clue 1 yesterday and will work on clue 2 this evening. The first two clues are quite short but he has promised that the knitting will pick up drasticly with clue 3. This is my first Westknit pattern and so far I'm enjoying it.

I resisted the temptation to purchase yarn for this project and after much searching I came up with a combination I like. The yarn is Dalegarn Tiur in colors I call Mossy Green, Antique Gold and Brick Red.

In keeping with earlier plans I've been working with the knitting machine in hopes of using up some of the sock stash. I've got casting on ribbing and circular knitting down. I'm having some issues with the main bed. The stitches will knit fine for a while and then all of a sudden some of them don't knit anymore. I'll switch out some more needles and play around with the weight to see if that solves the problem. I'm also having problems with the short-row heel. Jan did a refresher for me at our meeting on Saturday some I confident that the more I practice the better I will get.

I still haven't had time to take a spinning class so that has been on the back burner for know. I've got a pretty full plate is it is so I'm going with what's already in the works for the time being.


cauchy09 said...

wow, beautiful bracelets! sounds like you have lots of great things going on knit-wise. best of luck!

Anonymous said...

Take care of those arms, wrists and shoulders. If they don't work, neither do you. Ask me how I know. I forget, which knitting machine do you have? I've not used mine lately and am considering moving it to another room! Unfortunately an addition is not in the cards! LOL


kathy b said...

Your bracelets are so so lovely

Anonymous said...

Hope your physical challenges are improved speedily! Those bracelets are gorgeous. Now, I am itching to pull out my bead stash to make some for holiday gift stash...only if I can order more hours in my day LOL

I have a Boyd knitting machine I tried years ago and gave up on it as I find a pair of circular knitting is much easier to access and take on a go. I always think someday I will stay home long enough to pull the machine out and actually use it...that day hasn't happened yet. Oh well...look forward to seeing your new inspiring creation :D Thanks for the fiber treat.

Anonymous said...

You wouldn't happen to still have the actual color number for mossy green would you. This color is exactly what I need. Thanks.