Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow Day! (Part II)

Well we had another day off today. The ice is so bad that even if I had to go to work it would have been difficult as three roads around us were blocked off. The neighborhood I live in is built on a hill. We live on top of the hill but our house is sits down a hill with a backyard that flattens out. If you go farther back behind our house the hill continues. Because of this I always park in the street when we have inclement weather. Our driveway is still impassable as I found out today when I was outside.

I went out today with the camera to see if I could take some good pictures of the ice. It was great being outside. The air is so crisp and clean that it invigorates.

A funny thing happened last night. I went into the craft room to put up some needles and staring at me was the Lopi sweater. I brought it back into the den with me and realized how much I'd actually knitted. I started on it right then and there and now I've added the sleeves. I forgot to order an extra skein because I always have to lenghten the sleeves so I'll probably run short. I got my yarn from Webs and the color I need is on backorder so I'm seriously hoping that I don't have to wait too long to find it. If this gets packed up again there's no telling when it will get finished.

After a two hour daily in the morning it's back to work as usual. I've really enjoyed this long weekend and now it's time to find out how or if we have to make the time up. Once again if you have to be out in this and all the other messes stay safe.


Vera said...

Pretty pictures! We got sleet on Monday in Charleston, and some of the bridges did close down, but no snow.

kathy b said...

LOVE the one of you doing a happy dance most of all! The others are artful and lovely. Just lovely.

Takes alot of snow here in Chicago to slow anything down. 5 inches yesterday and no one bats an eye. still it warrants extra care when driving !