Sunday, January 09, 2011

First FO of 2011

The first knitting FO of 2011 is off the needles. It's a pair of socks that I've been dragging along since 2009.


Pattern: Elongated Corded Ribs from Sensational Knitted Socks by Charlene Schurch
Yarn: Schachenmayr nomotta Regia Bamboo Color Passion
Needles: 1 US dpn's
Size: Women's 10
Started: May 26, 2009 Finished: January 8, 2011

I'm embarking on a serious stash reduction this year. To that end I've been going through the stash to sort out what I would like to make this year in addition to the project kits I've already created. I really liked the idea of a personal sock club so I created one.

There are 11 bags because 1 pair is already on the needles. It's a stealth project so the only thing I'll reveal is the yarn.

I purchased this lovely skein at SAFF 2010 from Gale's Art. The color is Moldy Pumpkin and so far I'm loving the way this is knitting up.

Wonder of wonders tomorrow is a snow day. I can't believe that we are forecast to have more truly wintry weather. Everything is pretty much shut down with all the closings. I'm hoping that the ice they're predicting later on tomorrow isn't too bad so that we won't lose power. It is going to be great to have another knitting day.

To everyone in the path of the storm stay safe and stay warm.


Monika said...

I'm loving your Regia socks! I also like your project bags. I could not get so far as to actually put yarn and pattern together, but I will stick to my personal sock club plan.
My first pair of socks will be from a kit I purchased some time in 2009! Good luck to you and your knitting goals. Yeah, snow day! I wish we would get just a little bit more. It's so much easier with the dogs, and it looks much prettier too.

Melodye said...

Happy New Year! I don't know of what I'm more envious. Your personal stash or that it's warm enough to sit outside! I think I'm going to do a pair of socks this year. I keep saying I don't knit socks, but I seem to have mysteriously accumlated several skeins of sock yarn. Hmmm, I wonder how that happened? Looking forward to seeing your creations.

Kirsten said...

Are the bags for the purpose of concealing the projects from yourself? For example, do you grab a bag, open it, and that's what you knit next? This is an interesting concept in creative self-discipline! I think I need something like this with housework... a jar with surprise "to do" items in it. OK, that's less fun, actually.

Kathy said...

Those socks are rockin Bev! Your brown bag socks are intriguing me! LOVE the pumpkin colorway you are playing with now.

Snow for us tomorrow in Chi town too. Just 5 inches. Manageable and fun. I hope it is snowman snow and the kids around here build a few snowmen!

Acornbud said...

Congrats on the FO. Good luck with stash reduction!